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Italy’s MEF to Propose Online Gambling Reforms

The full text of the preliminary decree is set to be handed to PM Giorgia Meloni very soon

Italy’s Ministry of Finance (MEF) will soon publish a preliminary decree of amendments and resolutions that may lead to gambling reforms. The ministry has been increasingly vocal in its support of revamping the existing iGaming laws and aligning them with the modern age.

Italy has not updated its online casino laws for over a decade. Ever since the country introduced iGaming in 2011, the regulations governing the sector have remained more or less unchanged. The MEF’s decree will therefore demand the first-ever review of the Italian gambling laws.

The upcoming text represents an insight into MEF’s plans for Italy’s online gambling market. The full text of the preliminary decree is set to be handed to PM Giorgia Meloni very soon.

The Ministry Believes Concessions Should Cost Much More

In the draft version of the decree, the MEF demanded changes to the country’s gambling licensing fees, black market controls, regulatory oversight and iGaming concessions. The MEF wants to introduce major changes to the licensing and concession frameworks for iGaming businesses that wish to operate in Italy.

The MEF notably pointed out that the current concessions are too cheap. Because of that, the ministry hopes to increase their price to a whopping €7 million (approximately $7.4 million). Under the new rules, Italy will also feature a cap of five licenses for each operator – a measure that seeks to prevent monopolization of the market.

Under MEF’s desired reforms, Italy will not introduce changes to how online casino operators are taxed. Despite that, the government will be allowed to introduce a 2% yearly adjustment fee on individual concessions.

MEF Wants to Fight the Black Market

Furthermore, the MEF hopes to create a Public Gambling Council, following the example of other European markets. The proposed body’s task would be to evaluate the state of the sector and propose appropriate measures when needed. The MEF is also seeking to shake off the influence of unlicensed websites and is calling for assistance in eliminating the black market.

Speaking of measures against unlicensed play, the MEF plans to require other government agencies to provide help in the war on illegal gambling. This is a very hot topic in Italy right now, considering the recent gambling scandal involving high-profile Italian soccer stars.


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