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Italy Rolls Out Strict COVID-19 Restrictions, Closes Casinos

In light of rising cases of positive COVID-19 patients, Italy rolled out new restrictions. The new restrictions reduce social gatherings and close businesses such as casinos, bingos, gyms, and other entertainment venues.

New Decree Introduces Stricter COVID-19 Restrictions in Italy

After observing spikes of positive COVID-19 cases, Italy introduced tighter restrictions aiming at reducing the spread of the respiratory disease. A new decree came into effect on Monday, October 26, and will be effective through November 24, reported In Trieste. The newly introduced restrictions were implemented in coordination with health and safety officials and call for the wearing of face masks and maintaining a physical distance.

Furthermore, the measures limit social gatherings and close multiple businesses. Businesses such as casinos, bingos, arcades, gyms, spas, pools, social centers, and other recreational and amusement places had to close their doors. Concert halls, theaters, cinemas, and even open-air event places also had to close but public places such as kids’ playgrounds as well as parks will not be restricted for the moment.

On the other hand, restrictions are introduced to bars, pubs, ice cream shops and restaurants which working hours are shifted from 5 am to 6 pm. The maximum number of people sitting at one table is restricted to four if not from the same family. On the bright side, those businesses are allowed to operate on holidays and Sundays.

Traveling Not Restricted, Elementary Schools and Kindergartens Remain Open

Currently, Italy is trying to avoid a nationwide curfew with hopes that the new measures will decrease the spread of the respiratory disease. With that in mind curfews introduced to regions such as Lombardy and Piedmont sparked protests with thousands of people opposing the restrictions introduced due to COVID-19.

Focusing on traveling, the Italian Government has not restricted people from traveling at this time. Instead, Government officials “strongly recommended” people not to travel by public or private transport or to different municipalities unless necessary because of work, study, or medical appointment.

While most of the outdoor activities are prohibited under the new measures, the elementary schools, kindergartens, and middle schools will remain open with kids being able to attend the lessons personally. On the other hand, approximately 75% of the activities by universities and high schools in Italy will be conducted with the help of remote platforms.


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