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IT Heavyweight Agrawal Joins Fanatics as CIO

In the newly-created position, Agrawal will bolster Fanatics’ digital transformation, allowing it to stay ahead of its competitors

Fanatics, a global digital sports platform, has reinforced its Fanatics Holdings team with the appointment of Parag Agrawal as its new chief information officer. The newly-created role will see the IT heavyweight apply his skills to lead Fanatics’ internal digital systems transformation.

As CIO of the company, the hire will be responsible for improving the company’s accounting, financial planning and analysis, and human resource capabilities. He will also be tasked with creating a dedicated IT infrastructure for the company and partnering with IT firms to further bolster Fanatics’ IT capabilities.

Agrawal’s experience in the IT sector made him perfect for the position. The appointee previously served Chobani, holding a variety of positions over the last nine years. Most recently, he served Chobani as CIO, leading an overhaul of the company’s software platforms to allow further growth.

Prior to that, Agrawal held leadership and tech-related positions at Materne North America, Avon, American Promotional Events, PFSweb and Metamor Global Solutions.

Agrawal boasts an MBA in Innovation and Technology Management from Pacific Lutheran University. He also has a B-Tech from the National Institute of Technology in Warangal, India.

Agrawal Is Excited to Work for Fanatics

As CIO, Agrawal will work directly under Fanatics’ executive VP and chief financial officer, Glenn H. Schiffman from Fanatics’ new HQ in New York City. The CFO welcomed the new hire to the company, saying that he is joining at the perfect time.

His [Agrawal’s] experience and expertise are exactly what we need to ensure that we not only enhance our current systems, but that we continue to adopt cutting-edge solutions moving forward. I am thrilled to welcome him to the team.

Glenn H. Schiffman, exec VP & CFO, Fanatics

Schiffman noted that Fanatics is committed to building the leading global digital sports platform and delivering more value to fans and partners. However, this requires continuous investments in tech and data solutions.

Agrawal also commented on his new appointment, praising Fanatics for innovating the sector and delivering incredible fan and partner experiences. He said that he is excited to adopt this energy and mindset and apply it to the company’s internal systems and platforms.

I look forward to working alongside Glenn and team to ensure a best-in-class experience that continues to allow for us to grow and succeed together as a global organization.

Parag Agrawal, CIO, Fanatics

In other news, PointsBet’s shareholders recently approved the sale of the company’s US-facing business to Fanatics. This arrangement will provide Fanatics with extra assets to manage, further underlying the need for robust IT solutions and the importance of Agrawal’s appointment.


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