October 17, 2022 2 min read


ISBB Receives FDJ Gaming Solutions Terminals and Solutions

The Israeli Sports Betting Board (ISBB) has selected FDJ Gaming Solutions as the technical partner that will update the company’s existing retail network and introduce camera-based terminals instead. The Elite series terminals will be deployed across ISBB’s existing networks and help the company significantly improve the customer experience, which should translate into better financial results and overall performance, retention and engagement.

ISBB Gets Terminals from FDJ’s International B2B Arm

FDJ Gaming Solutions is prepared to deploy its advanced terminals solutions, which will now include 2,000 units delivered to the ISBB. The deal will also feature the delivery of a management suite. ISBB CTO Eli Ben Simon welcomed this opportunity and said:

We were happy with Elite as this terminal is camera-based and market-proven. Camera-based terminals are the new market standard in the industry.

ISBB CTO Eli Ben Simon

The Elite terminal series can read all types of documents, including tickets, mobile screens, coupons, ID cards, and so on. They are easy to operate and offer a simple onboarding process. They are also much cheaper to maintain, argues Simon. His optimism is shared by FDJ Gaming Solutions France CEO Pascal Blyau who said:

ISBB has already run its multichannel betting business with our advanced betting platform technology for a decade and we are proud we were chosen to replace their previous equipment.

FDJ Gaming Solutions France CEO Pascal Blyau

Blyau welcomed the opportunity to work with Carrus Gaming on delivering the right terminal hardware, citing the latter’s experience in the industry and the past 20 years of mutually beneficial collaboration. So far, FDJ Gaming Solutions has delivered more than 75,000 camera-based terminals worldwide, along with 300,000 terminals in total.

FDJ Gaming Solutions recently inked a similar partnership with Loterie Suisse Romande, deploying its dedicated Interactive Factory platform. FDJ Gaming Solutions continues to expand its global footprint and reach and the ISBB is definitely happy to get a state-of-the-art portfolio of terminals to catch its offer up with the latest consumer and business trends.


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