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Irish Casino Security Attacker Sentenced to Prison

The man was arrested more than 100 times and convicted more than a dozen times before finally landing in jail for a 16-month sentence

Generally, prison sentences seek to penalize individuals for their crimes but also serve as a deterrent for future offenses. Many of the people who are sentenced and go to prison return to their old habits once out, which puts their freedom at further risk.

But while some prefer their old ways, other convicted individuals do not want to ever return behind bars and drastically change their behavior. Sadly, this is not the case when it comes to a young man that was recently sentenced for attacking guards at Tudor Casino, in Cork, Ireland.

The 28-year-old resident of Cork Simon Community, identified as Mathew Ginnifer, was the subject of an investigation over a complaint for disturbance. The criminal offense dates back to May last year, when police authorities responded to an incident involving a young male and security officers at a casino.

On May 14, 2022, police arrived at Tudor Casino located on Marlboro Street after security reported a man that acted aggressively. The young man was Ginnifer and he was able to access the casino floor before he was removed by security. This is when things escalated and he started threatening the security officers, a report released by the Irish Examiner reveals.

The Culprit Received Another Sentence

Sergeant Gearóid Davis, explained: “He is observed squaring up to security and throwing kicks in the direction of one security man, having been earlier removed from the premises.” Moreover, the Sergeant explained that the young male had 13 prior convictions over threatening behavior as well as other crimes. He was also arrested more than 100 times for previous crimes and misbehavior.

The described case marked another nail in the coffin for Ginnifer. The young male has pleaded guilty to engaging in threatening behavior for the casino incident in front of Cork District Court. As a result, Judge Olann Kelleher sentenced him to two months in prison. However, that sentence wasn’t a huge deterrent for the 28-year-old, as he was already sentenced to 16 months in prison already over different crimes. The latest two-month sentence, Ginnifer would serve concurrently with the existing one.

There’s no doubt that Ginnifer made many bad choices. But perhaps he isn’t the only one to blame, considering that most of his crimes, were reportedly drug-induced. The young man’s defense explained that drugs were the prime reason behind the crimes he committed.


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