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Iowa State Athletes Defense Calls for Dismissal of Gambling Charges

Lawyers of the athletes filed motion to suppress, claiming evidence against their clients was collected illegally and calling for charges to be dismissed

Nearly two dozen Iowa State and Iowa athletes faced different charges over betting and using another person’s account to place wagers among other charges. The athletes were subject to criminal charges, fines as well as suspensions and temporary loss of eligibility from the NCAA in light of the betting probe. While many of the athletes pleaded guilty and faced penalties the gambling scandal kept escalating. Last month, lawyers of several athletes alleged in a legal claim that the evidence collected against their clients was collected illegally.

Now, the legal hurdle continues to tangle even further considering that the defense of the athletes claims that since the evidence against their clients was obtained illegally, the charges against them should be dismissed. As announced by the Associated Press, attorneys representing Isaiah Lee, Enyi Uwazurike, Jirehl Brock and Paniro Johnson filed a motion to suppress on Tuesday this week.

The athletes’ defense claims that the investigation against their clients by Iowa’s Division of Criminal Investigation (DCI) was not completed in a legal way. They alleged that the DCI did not have probable cause to start an investigation which ultimately resulted in punishments against more than a dozen athletes.

Moreover, the lawyers claimed that upon the arrest of their clients, they were not read their Miranda rights that safeguard individuals from self-incrimination. This otherwise makes any statements or admissions invalid, according to the athletes’ defense.

Ultimately, the motion filed by the lawyers seeks to dismiss the lawsuits against their clients.

Evidence Was Collected in a Constitutionally Permissible Manner

Late in January, the Iowa Department of Public Safety (DPS), the agency tasked with overseeing the DCI, issued its statement on the topic. The agency defended the athletes sports betting probe, outlining that the DCI collected the evidence “in a constitutionally permissible manner.” Moreover, it wrote that the “evolution of gaming has given rise to emerging technologies that help regulate the industry and enforce the law.”

The DPS position came after Iowa State players’ attorneys filed their claim about a warrantless investigation against the players. As noted in the most recent motion, lawyers claimed that the investigation against their clients was initiated without probable cause or tips. The defense claimed that a DCI agent breached the law by launching an investigation into betting activities on the University of Iowa’s athletic facility without receiving any prior complaints or tips for underage gambling.


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