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Intertops Takes on New Affiliate Brand Identity with “Everygame”

Intertops is overhauling its affiliate program which will be known as Everygame starting on December 1, 2021. The move is the latest in a series of rebranding initiatives industry-wide in a bid to strike a more consumer-friendly tone and leave the ways of old behind.

The focus on the newly baptized affiliate brand will be to create trusted entertainment for generations, using a blanket term to reflect the company’s aspirations of attracting more consumers across generational barriers.

Yet, Intertops admits that the affiliate program is “the same but with a new name.” Ownership and management will be intact, the company assured in a statement sent to partners, as affiliate managers have risen concerns whether they need to undertake changes on their end.

More Developments Forthcoming with Intertops

Meanwhile, the affiliate program will apply to the operator’s full portfolio, featuring the sportsbook, poker, online casino. Speculation has been swirling on GPWA with affiliate managers discussing what may have prompted the sudden rebranding move.

Intertops is de facto the first online sportsbook, set up in 1996 and operating for what is soon to be 25 years in 2022. The company was at the forefront of many industry developments, including the introduction of the first Internet wager and the arrival of in-play markets that North America, and the rest of the world, have rapidly adopted.

As Intertops rebrands, though, it is also seeking to chart a future where regulatory discretion is exercised. The company announced that it would no longer be servicing the German market, citing the Fourth Interstate Gambling Treaty as the reason behind its decision.

While more details about the rebranding will be forthcoming, mostly with new assets delivered to new and existing managers, Intertops is also planning to add more changes to its products, including fresh games and an updated overall technological infrastructure to power its operations.   


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