Intelitics and StatMuse Ink Key Partnership Agreement

StatMuse, the leading sports stats and information AI search provider, inked a key agreement with the leading performance and marketing platform provider, Intelitics.

Intelitics Inks Agreement with StatMuse

The leading performance and marketing platform provider, Intelitics, announced today that it inked a partnership with StatMuse. Under the strategic partnership, all StatMuse betting-focused monetization will be managed by Intelitics. The process will be completed by negotiation and managing relationships with operators via Intelitics’ Performance Marketing division.

Furthermore, the partnership enables Intelitics to help solidify StateMuse’s presence as a major betting brand partner on the US market and across the globe. Last but not least, the partnership will bring Allan Stone, Intelitics’ CEO, to the Advisory Board at StatMuse.

As an artificial intelligence company, StatMuse is a leader in the conversational search for sports stats and information. The company’s platform provides instant answers to trillions of sports questions. Furthermore, results of such searches are offered as personalized content.

StatMuse to Monetize Its High Volume Traffic

In a statement, Eli Dawson, CEO and co-founder of StatMuse said that for the last 12 months, the company emerged as a leader in the search for sports stats and information. Furthermore, he acknowledged that the traffic to the company’s website on a global scale has reached visitors from more than 200 countries weekly.

Dawson did not miss saying that StatMuse’s content is loved by sports fans and sports stars. Furthermore, its Sports Search API currently powers stats and information for NHL, NFL, and NBA teams. He stressed that StatMuse is excited to reach the next phase of business.

Furthermore, Dawson acknowledged that the company starts to monetize its high volume and high value of sports traffic, while legal sports wagering continues to grow in North America. Dawson added that the company’s strategy is to decentralize which will maximize growth. In conclusion, he said that Intelitics is the best monetization partner for StatMuse.

The Deal Marks a Milestone for the Two Companies

Allan Stone, Intelitics’ CEO, also shared his excitement by saying that the partnership is a milestone for the two companies. He said that the collaboration would allow the monetization of StatMuse’s high traffic. Furthermore, he acknowledged that the collaboration will strengthen Intelitics’ leading performance marketing division.

This is a milestone deal for both parties.

Allan Stone, CEO, Intelitics

Last but not least, Stone acknowledged that legal sports betting is growing rapidly across the US. Furthermore, he said that thanks to this deal, StatMuse will be able to leverage and monetize the maximum of its traffic. In conclusion, Stone said that through the partnership Intelitics positions itself further as a respected marketing partner of choice within the betting space.

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