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Inspired and DraftKings Sign a Contract for Virtual Sports

The two gaming and betting giants – Inspired Entertainment and DraftKings – will sign a partnership contract for virtual sports.

Inspired and DraftKings Sign Virtual Sports Contract

On April, 16 when games technology Inspired Entertainment said that the company had signed a contract with sports betting and daily fantasy operator DraftKings. Based on the contract agreement, DraftKings has been granted access to Inspired’s innovative V-Play Plug & Play product. This has enabled DraftKings to incorporate its own company products into Inspired’s platform.

There are some 14 virtual sports games that include basketball, football, car racing, horse racing and many more, that are now available for DraftKings clients on both mobile and desktop platforms. With this contract, DraftKings and Inspired will effectively take over the market space that was left due to the worldwide cancellation of sports games, driving a strong foray into simulated sports events. DraftKings also confirmed that it is going public.

Inspired’s V-Play Products

The partnership will be beneficial for DraftKings as the company can tap into Inspired’s V-Play products. Those are the V-Play Basketball and V-Play NFLA Legends of Football, each with their unique design and scalable features.

The V-Play Basketball, labelled “world’s best virtual basketball product”,gathers popularity with realistic animations and graphics. It’s available at land-based retail gaming spaces but also online. It includes a variety of teams and clients can bet on live basketball games. Inspired has achieved great success and revenue since the launch of V-Basketball back in 2019.

On the other hand, we have the V-Play NFLA Legends Football. Inspired’s product is famous for including the biggest NFL teams and NFL legends in one game. The game is fast-paced with top of the shelf graphics and events on every three minutes. NFLA includes 11 legendary teams and it’s also officially licensed.

Brooks Pierce of Inspired Comments on the Contract

Brooks Pierce, Chief Operating Officer and president of Inspired, commented: “We are very excited to team up with DraftKings to bring Virtual Sports to their passionate fans.

He continued by adding: “Not only do we have the largest and most advanced portfolio of Virtual Sports, we tailor our products to sports fanatics with a combination of fast-paced action, ultra-realistic player simulations and a tremendous breadth of bet types.” 

The sports betting entertainment that DraftKings and Inspired offer, takes sports to a new level. Sports games have suffered a lot since the beginning of the year due to the coronavirus outbreak, but the biggest impact that the virus has had so far is to lead to the postponement of the Olympic Games in Tokyo to 2021.

And while games are being postponed or on hold until further notice, virtual sports and betting are available for everyone at every day and time.

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