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Infrastructure Projects Spark Concerns among Anti-Gambling Parties in NC

Opponents of gambling fear that the infrastructural improvements might be a setup for the launch of Las Vegas-style resorts

North Carolina succeeded in getting legal sports betting approved but failed to legalize casino gaming in 2023. While proponents of casino resorts plan to continue pushing for legalization of the vertical, opponents of such a measure are anxious that the game might be rigged.

For reference, North Carolina recently vowed to provide several counties, including Anson, Nash and Rockingham, with funding for major infrastructural improvements. The move caused some to think that the measure might be a preparation for the launch of casino gaming in the Tar Heel State.

For reference, Anson is set to be provided with $6 million for wastewater projects. Nash, on the other hand, will receive some $17 million for similar reasons. The biggest winner of all is Rockingham, which will be provided with a whopping $54.5 million for infrastructural upgrades. The money is part of the $2 billion North Carolina will allocate to infrastructure projects across the state.

The Government Has Been Planning This Investment for Years

According to uneasy opponents of the expansion of gambling, the infrastructural improvements in question are a setup for the launch of Las Vegas-style resorts as they will facilitate the construction of such venues.

Opponents of the launch of casino gaming were quick to point out that last year’s legislation sought approval for casino resorts in these exact counties. The legislation was the brainchild of Sen. Phil Berger and was supported by The Cordish Companies, a major casino and hospitality company. Berger’s promise to reintroduce the measure in 2024 is another factor that caused concern among anti-gambling activists.

For reference, the majority of voters in North Carolina oppose further expansion of the state’s gambling industry. At the same time, Berger believes casino resorts are not just about gaming but about nurturing the economic growth of rural areas as a whole.

In any case, the government was quick to point out that there is no correlation between the proposed improvements and some local leaders’ support for casino resorts. According to the authorities, the infrastructural investments are something they have been planning for years.

Anson County Manager Leonard Sossamon, however, did confirm that the infrastructure improvements would benefit a potential casino resort – a project that would be impossible at the moment.

In other news, NC recently approved the second batch of sports betting rules.


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