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Industry Veteran Chhabra Joins BetConnect as a Strategic Business Advisor

As a part of a pre-series A funding round, BetConnect, a platform that describes itself as “the only betting exchange that uses bookmaker odds,” has hired a new strategic business advisor in order to scale its business. The one stepping up to the task is Robin Chhabra, a seasoned iGaming specialist, and a former FoxBet CEO

Chhabra Bring Years of Experience to the Team

BetConnect’s funding round saw investments from various notable industry figureheads, such as Chhabra, Andy Clerkson, founder of Grand Parade, Tom Waterhouse, a chief investment officer of Waterhouse VC, and Tim Heath, founder of Yolo Group. The company will use the funding to boost its business both domestically and internationally, with Chhabra leading the charge. 

As the strategic business advisor of BetConnect, Chhabra will work to scale the company’s business, negotiate strategic deals, acquisitions, and mergers. 

Chhabra has vast experience in the iGaming field and has worked as a director of corporate development for Inspired Gaming before stepping into the position of a group director of strategy and corporate development at the London-based global online gambling company William Hill for the duration of seven years. After that, Chhabra has worked as the chief corporate development officer of The Star Group for three years. Furthermore, the veteran served as the chief executive of FoxBet for over a year. 

Despite joining BetConnect, Chhabra will also remain a part of the PR and communications agency Red Knot where he has served as a chairman since September this year. 

Investors Comment on BitConnect’s Innovative Vision

The newly-appointed advisor has spoken about his new position. He is glad to join BetConnect, which he considers to be a truly innovative firm that offers “a transformative vision and a super-agile platform.” Chhabra believes that this strong offering, paired with the BetConnect team’s ability to execute, sets up the company for global expansion. 

“For me, this investment constitutes an exciting strategic play in a company that has already laid the firm foundations to strike once exchange regulations do clearly coalesce across US states,” Chhabra explained. 

Tom Waterhouse, one of the other investors, has also spoken about his own investment. He explained that his business, The Waterhouse VC, tends to generate capital growth by making strategic investments in “companies that can reinvigorate tired thinking and disrupt the norm.

Waterhouse noted that “BetConnect is at the forefront of a betting revolution that’s sweeping the industry.” He added: 

 “The BetConnect model improves the experience for international customers and can be flexibly adapted to accommodate blockchain assets and the inherent crypto benefits of better margins, lower transaction costs, and faster withdrawals.”

Investor Tom Waterhouse

BetConnect is a social betting platform that has quickly exceeded a customer base of 20,000 people. The platform provides gamblers with the opportunity of wagering with multiple bookmakers through a single API. 


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