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Indiana: Two Men Arrested over Attempted Robbery of Casino Winner

The two men allegedly conspired to rob a casino patron who won $5,700 at the French Lick Resort

Two young men involved in a shooting and robbery of a casino visitor were recently arrested and charged. The criminal case from Newburgh, Indiana, involved a visitor of the French Lick Resort, a leading gaming and entertainment venue in the state.

The victim and his girlfriend, whose names were not disclosed, visited the casino resort on Monday, a report released by 14 News reveals. They were accompanied by another female friend who was together with her two children. While the male victim gambled at the casino, the women and children enjoyed other activities together. At the casino, the man won $5,700. After that, he took his girlfriend and her friend with the children back home.

At around 6:15 PM on Monday, police were dispatched to the 2800 block of Joellen Lane, where a shooting was reported. Upon arrival, police uncovered that the victim, the man who had won $5,700 earlier on the same day, was shot and was already taken to the hospital for treatment.

Two Suspects Face Charges

Law enforcement immediately initiated an investigation into the shooting. They questioned the friend of the victim’s girlfriend. The woman who was with two children and her boyfriend, identified with the initials A.M., 27, denied any involvement in the criminal case.

At the crime scene, police uncovered a magazine to a 10 mm handgun, as well as one shell casing. According to law enforcement, as the couple was leaving the apartment that belonged to the woman who accompanied them to the casino, a dark gray car pulled up near them.

A robber who was described as skinny and tall, wearing black clothes approached them after that. He threatened the victim with a gun and asked him to give all of the money he had on him. After a brawl broke out between the two, the victim was shot in the knee. The attacker then fled the scene with the same car, while the victim’s girlfriend transported him to hospital.

Law enforcement used FLOCK images to uncover the route of the car that was involved in the robbery. Identified as a dark grey Chevy Impala, the car had a 960CHL license plate. However, during the robbery, the license plate was missing.

After checking the license plate, police uncovered that the car belonged to A.M. and another suspect identified with the initials K.M., who was 24 years old. The 27-year-old suspect was detained by law enforcement, and he admitted to planning the casino winner’s robbery in collaboration with K.M. Upon executing a search warrant for K.M.’s residence, police found the box from a 10 mm handgun, with the serial number matching a handgun uncovered at the crime scene.

Consequently, the 27-year-old was charged with robbery resulting in bodily injury, as well as conspiracy to commit armed robbery, both level 3 felonies. The second alleged robber, 24-year-old K.M., faced the same charges as well as battery by means of a deadly weapon, which is a level 5 felony.


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