November 17, 2023 2 min read


Indiana: Suspect of Auto Theft Arrested at Bally’s Evansville

On Wednesday, police was dispatched to the casino, identifying the suspect and uncovering drugs in his possession

Financial crimes, burglaries, robberies and other criminal activities are much easier to uncover nowadays thanks to technological innovations, proactive monitoring and CCTV. Casino operators across the globe continue to invest heavily in technology to protect their online and retail operations, battling against a wide range of criminal activities, including money laundering, fraud and robberies, among others.

Earlier this week, one casino patron who visited Bally’s Evansville in Indiana, and was suspected of auto theft, was arrested, a report released by 44 News reveals. On Wednesday morning, casino security contacted law enforcement to notify them about the presence of an individual who was suspected to be involved in an auto theft.

Police units were dispatched to the Evansville casino where they identified the suspect as a 46-year-old with the initials K.S.N. The same person was suspected of a theft dating back to earlier this week, the new report reveals. It is unclear whether he was identified by CCTV footage or witnesses who were able to recognize him.

Police Officers Find Drugs, Book the Suspect in Jail

The 46-year-old suspected of the car theft agreed to a search. He was detained and police uncovered drugs in his possession. K.S.N. reportedly had a glass pipe, as well as fentanyl and meth. The person was subsequently arrested and booked in the Vanderburgh County Jail. He is reportedly facing charges related to the car theft along with drug-related charges. It is yet to be confirmed what penalty he may face if he is found guilty.

In other crime-related news, a 35-year-old man who drove his car through the fence of a solar facility that provided power to MGM Resorts recently pleaded guilty. The person caused damage to the Mega Solar Array facility located 25 miles outside Las Vegas by ramming through the fence. He then allegedly set his car on fire and fled the crime scene.

The person allegedly responsible for the damage to the solar facility entered into a guilty plea under the stipulation that he is mentally ill, KLAS reported. As a result, he accepted guilt for second-degree arson and malicious destruction of property.


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