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Indiana Pushes for iGaming Legalization, Drafts Bill

Lawmakers in the state of Indiana continue pushing for the legalization of online casino games. Many people believe that the Hoosier State is one of the most likely states to usher in an expansion of its iGaming market in 2023. As efforts continue, lawmakers drafted an early version of the state’s new online casino bill.

Indiana Lawmakers Drafted an Online Casino Bill

Indiana lawmakers have given people a sneak peek into what online gambling in the state might look like. Basically, if everything goes according to plan, Indiana would legalize online casinos and racinos. In addition, Hoosiers would be able to now play poker online. Lastly, the Hoosier Lottery would be allowed to offer internet versions of its existing games.

Going into further detail, each casino partner would be allowed to partner with three different brands. Casinos would have to pay $500,000 for their licenses plus an additional $50,000 for each additional year they continue operating. Indiana plans to tax online casino revenue at 18%. In conclusion, the lawmakers said that 3.33% of the taxes would fund Addiction Services.

It should be kept in mind that the aforementioned details are subject to change and the final bill might have a few differences.

Online Casino Might Go Live in September 2023

The legalization of online casino gaming would expand Indiana’s online gaming market. The state was one of the first to legalize online sports betting and has allowed people to wager on sports ever since September 2019.

Because of that, Hoosier bettors already know the drill and would likely welcome online casino games. While previous efforts to legalize online casino failed because of various reasons, experts are optimistic and believe that Indiana online casino might become a reality in 2023.

The current bill will start perambulating the statehouse in January 2023, when the next legislative session starts. Analysts expect it to be one of the main focuses of the session, which is why people are extra inclined to believe that it may pass.

If the bill is approved, online casino gambling in Indiana might go live as soon as September 1 – less than a year from now. However, this date should be taken with a grain of salt as there is still much that can change.

Meanwhile, Indiana’s Gambling Commission just published data about the performance of its sports betting vertical. The commission was happy to announce that Hoosiers have so far wagered over $10 billion on sports.


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