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Incode’s Age Verification Approved for Protecting Minors in Germany

Incode Technologies, a US-based specialist in biometric identity, has its age verification solution approved by the German Commission for the Protection of Minor in the Media (KJM).

The age verification solution provided by Incode Technologies verifies users against data from their ID cards, comparing their image on the card with a real-time selfie.

The technology facilitates the age verification process by providing guidelines to ensure the optimum scan of the ID card and photo of the user and once complete, the service performs tests to confirm authenticity and issues a score.

“Age verification systems are becoming more and more established and are becoming the new standard. This is positive for the protection of children and young people in the media and offers legal certainty to the providers.”

Dr. Marc Jan Eumann, Chairman, KJM

Comprised of an organization within the State Media Authorities and an expert committee of Federal Government and States representatives, the KJM plays a central role in the protection of minors in private broadcasting and online in the country.

Commenting on the positive assessment of Incode’s age verification technology by the KJM, Incode’s chief executive officer Richardo Amper outlined the main objective of the company – to create “trust in the digital world” and enable a seamless verification of customer identity globally.

Approved for the German Gambling Market

“The German State Treaty on Gambling Regulation is now critical for the German market. Gaming operators are now turning to age verification providers that have achieved KJM approval, and so we’re delighted that the KJM has given us a positive ruling on our application.”

Ricardo Amper, CEO, Incode

The positive review issued by the KJM is empowering Incode Technologies to provide the tools needed to protect minors in Germany and help the country bring further down the rate of underage gambling without negatively impacting the sign-up rates for eligible players, Amper continued, outlining the need for operators to provide their customers with “a smooth, secure and frictionless sign-up and age verification experience,” besides ensuring compliance with AML and KYC requirements.

Amper also argued that the issue of online age verification currently has no firm protocols in place and in many cases trust is simply “being assumed or exploited,” but as the share of the online economy continues to grow globally and the emphasis is shifting into the digital space, it becomes more vital for businesses to “have legal certainty” that they are not providing their products to customers that are age-restricted to consume it.

“Current age verification solutions are not working, and we can fix that,” he concluded, outlining Incode’s identity verification solution’s credentials in terms of reducing fraud and ensuring user privacy while simplifying the onboarding of new customers.

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