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IMG Arena Sues Stats Perform for Unauthorized Soccer Data Collection

IMG Arena won the exclusive contract for the “Collection and Supply of Fast Data for Betting Purposes” for 19 European soccer leagues and 44 competitions in February 2022

SBC News reported that IMG Arena filed a lawsuit against Stats Perform over alleged breaches of exclusive data collection rights during Austrian, Czech, German, Greek, and Swiss soccer matches.

Stats Perform Accused of Breaching IMG Arena’s Exclusive Data Collection Rights

In the claim, IMG Arena alleges that Stats Perform has been operating an unauthorized network of data collectors or scouts to obtain real-time data from matches that are covered under IMG Arena’s exclusive soccer license. The suit further alleges that the unauthorized scouts collected betting data and shared it with Stats Perform in real-time.

In February 2022, IMG Arena was awarded the contract for the Collection and Supply of Fast Data for Betting Purposes for 19 European soccer leagues and 44 competitions, including top and lower-tier domestic leagues, domestic cups, super cups, and women’s soccer competitions.

IMG Arena claims that Stats Perform breached their exclusive data collection rights during several matches in the five countries, including a match between Lafnitz and Sturm Graz II in the Austrian league and a match between FK Teplice and FC Zbrojovka Brno in the Czech league. 

Unauthorized scouts were also present at men’s tier 3 (3 Bundesliga) and women’s tier 1 (Frauen-Bundesliga) matches in Germany and the men’s top tier (Super League) match between PAS Lamia 1964 and OFI Crete in Greece. An unauthorized scout was also present during a men’s second-tier (Challenge League) match between Neuchatel Xamax and FC Lausanne-Sport in Switzerland.

IMG Arena President Urges Rights Holders to Protect Their Data from Unscrupulous Companies

In a statement for SBC News, Freddie Longe, president of IMG Arena, said there is evidence indicating that Stats Perform has been sending unauthorized scouts to collect official data from European Leagues. The data was collected in several mature markets. 

According to IMG Arena, Stats Perform’s actions have caused substantial loss and damage to the company, although the full extent of the damage is not yet known. The company estimates the damages to be at least $1.6 million. IMG Arena believes that the data breaches by Stats Perform are undermining the value of the rights holders’ data and intellectual property in the marketplace.

Longe has further called on rights holders to take a more active role in protecting the value of their rights and to refuse to work with companies that engage in unscrupulous practices. He also urged entities like the Sports Rights Owners Coalition to play a more active role in protecting media rights.


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