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Illinois Approves Massive Gambling Overhaul

The state of Illinois has recently approved a massive gambling overhaul that is set to completely redefine its gambling industry. Among the things that are part of the colossal overhaul is the development of a total of six new brick-and-mortar casinos as well as the legalization of sports betting. These will, of course, take a bit of time to be implemented but in the meantime, there are certain aspects of the gambling overhaul that are expected to take effect immediately.

Before the overhaul was approved, the Illinois Gaming Board sought public input on some of the contents with the most notable one being sports betting. The board’s intention was to use these opinions to shape the future of the state’s gambling industry. So far, this seems to have paid off.

New Ethics Rules for Casino Licenses

As part of the massive gambling overhaul stated above, the Illinois Gaming Board adopted a set of rules which are aimed at strengthening existing ethical safeguards. These new rules will require people to present ethical disclosure reports when the gaming regulator begins the selection process for the holders of up to six new Illinois casino licenses.

According to the new rules, the definition of a casino applicant has been expanded to “any person or entity which has directly or indirectly expressed interest to an official or employee of a host community in obtaining an owners license.. regardless of whether that person or entity has submitted an application to the board.”

Also, the rules were enacted under the Illinois Gaming Board’s emergency rule-making authority which allows the board to adopt temporary rules without having to go through the usual process of public notice and hearings – this is, however, dependent on prevailing circumstances. However, rules that are adopted in this manned remain effective for only 150 days and the board has to go through the normal process if it wants to make the rules permanent.

“The purpose of the emergency rule is to further strengthen the IGB’s existing ethics requirements and enhance the transparency of the casino license selection process authorized under the Illinois Gambling Act,” board Administrator Marcus Fruchter said.

The new rules, in this case, will require all of the applicants and license holders to disclose any violations or potential violations of ethics and laws which are committed by the applicants and holders or any of their agents and employees. This will further encompass other parties, that is, violations made by a current or former official or employee of a casino host community, or by their spouses, children, or parents will also need to be reported.


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