June 5, 2023 3 min read


IGT Reveals New Local Entity to Bolster Footprint in Panama

International Game Technology has formed a new entity that is designed to help the company consolidate its presence in Latin America and Panama in particular

This comes at a time when the company is embarking on a series of localized expansions in specific markets as it wants to fortify its presence in what it sees as important geolocations and achieve a better presence in those jurisdictions.

IGT Commits to Further Growth in Panama and LatAm

Apart from focusing on the market in Panama, IGT will similarly seek to explore new growth opportunities in Latin America in general. Commenting on this fresh milestone, IGT of SVP Sales Canada, Central and South America, David Flinn, said:

In creating a formal IGT presence in Panama, we’re positioned to grow our footprint in the region and enable our customers to reap the many benefits of IGT’s vast games and solutions portfolio.

IGT’s David Flinn

Flinn spoke of the regional significance of the move as well, highlighting the new technological solutions that local partners would be able to benefit from, including the cloud-based Floor Manager system that is developed by IGT with the determination to bring better efficiencies to casino floors and allow partner businesses to respond to player needs as well as their content preferences.

The launch of a local entity does not happen in a vacuum either, as the company has already laid out a roadmap as to what new strategic steps it would take to expand in the country as well. There are many games that will be forthcoming, IGT assures, including Egyptian Link and Prosperity Link, as well as the company’s PeakDual27 and PeakSlant49 cabinets, which will effectively allow the games to be deployed on the market.

Deploying Powerful and Tailored Solutions Locally

IGT is also planning for the deployment of the USwitch Black Edition game pack through its PeakSlant32 cabinet, offering local gamers and businesses some of the truly best solutions that the company has developed over the past years. IGT’s senior director of strategic accounts for the Latin American region, Jessica Luna, was similarly pleased with the opportunities provided by the new expansion.

Luna confirmed that the company is looking to secure new partnership opportunities in Panama and is working to create a roadmap that will allow the company’s diverse portfolio of high-performing solutions that will be further tailored to meet specific regional and player needs. All in all, IGT is poised to benefit from rapid growth in the Latin American region with Panama proving a truly important stepping-stone to that end.


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