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IGT Extends Contract with Singapore Pools Once Again

Global supplier of iGaming solutions International Gaming Technology (IGT) has agreed to a six-year partnership with Singapore Pools Limited. As a result, IGT will be powering Singapore Pools’ lottery solutions through its dedicated Aurora system which is now rolling out across all shops in the country.

Singapore Pools and IGT Continues to Carry On Together

This delivery will be carried out through IGT’s subsidiary, IGT Global Services Limited, which will help the lottery operator to launch the new central system, along with several ancillary functions. The partnership names options such as Data Connector, Aurora Anywhere, and Aurora Navigator.

The partnership is effectively building on a 40-year collaboration between the two companies which first teamed up back in 1986. Commenting on this partnership opportunity, IGT COO and head of the global lottery, Jay Gendron, had this to say:

“IGT’s service-oriented Aurora incorporates a suite of flexible solutions designed to manage, transform, and further grow the lottery’s business. This best-in-class technology coupled with IGT’s longstanding lottery leadership will ensure Singapore Pools continues to channel its surpluses to good causes while offering a secure and responsible gaming environment for all.”

All the additional features will prove useful from a consumer and business standpoint. The Aurora Navigator gives a single view of everything that is happening, allowing the back office to function efficiently, and optimizing the experience in real-time. The Data Connector allows for plug-and-play opportunities that will give the Singapore Pools products more streamlined gameplay.

Meanwhile, Aurora Anywhere allows for an easy way to connect to the core lottery system while also ensuring the safety and reliability of the offer. At the same time, IGT remains one of the leading providers of lottery solutions around the world.

IGT Continues to Develop a Global Footprint

The company has shown no small desire to be at the very front of this segment and ensure that it continues to power some of the most lucrative lotteries around the world. Considering just the recent spate of big partnerships, IGT has signed partnerships with the Rhode Island Lottery (an extension of the existing contract) and it also confirmed a deal with Mexico’s National Lottery.

IGT is powering LOTENAL, the Mexican operator, with a number of excellent solutions that will allow it to fully customize the offer, power the retail terminals, and develop new business opportunities. This comes at a time when IGT is undergoing leadership change with Vincent Sandusky stepping in as the lottery’s new chief. Sandusky has been settling in well in the position.


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