December 30, 2021 3 min read

IDenfy Verifies Phones to Protect Consumers and Gambling Firms

As the onus is increasingly shifting from regulators on license holders, more companies are scrambling to secure the best tools that would allow them to meet all prerequisites for retaining their licenses and providing customers with the expected level of safety and trust.

Growing Regulatory Pressure Prompts Companies into Action

Thankfully, gaming operators don’t have to do it all on their own as they have tools such as IDenfy to fall back upon. IDenfy essentially serves as a booster software that allows gambling companies to quickly and accurately comply with Know Your Customer (KYC) rules that are increasingly scrutinized by regulators.

The software is able to assess whether a customer who is registering is a risk to the gaming website based on their phone number. IDenfy is able to quickly and reliably, according to the company, pull multiple data presets that include customer location, roaming country, validity, phone contract details, and current network, for example.

While this may seem a little obtrusive on the face of it, the data is handled and processed in compliance with all data protection laws and is used to verify certain aspects of a customer’s identity so that gaming operators may enforce better measures in protecting vulnerable customers.

IDenfy still trusts the data provided by gaming operators’ customers, but it runs it against Personally Identifiable Information (PII) that it obtains separately to ensure that the info submitted is accurate and will not get the operator in trouble.

Verifying Customer’s Numbers and Any Associated Risks

One particular challenge that IDenfy faces is not so much verifying the customer’s info as it is verifying the customer’s phone. Explaining this predicament, IDenfy CEO Domantas Ciulde explains:

“Many people value their privacy above all and will resort to certain methods to bypass the process. Using a made-up number, a ‘burner phone,’ or making use of temporary phone numbers issued by specific websites are among the most popular.”

While IDenfy understands the motivation behind such actions, it is committed to helping gambling firms to ensure that their newly registered parties are ready to comply with the terms and conditions.

As a result, IDenfy uses different verification tools that are designed to confirm a consumer’s phone number, such as voice-to-text messages or a unique code sent via text.  

Ciulde admits that such tech isn’t entirely new on the market, but he argues that IDenfy is capable of running an entire risk profile check associated with the number and the person who holds it.

He is confident that businesses should utilize every tool to protect itself and guarantee the safety of consumers. “It’s a flexible tool, as companies can decide for themselves what to do with the information they’ll receive,” the executive added.


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