March 10, 2022 3 min read


IBIA Continues Its Partnership With H2 Gambling Capital

The International Betting Integrity Association (IBIA) has decided to continue its partnership with H2 Gambling Capital. According to the agreement, H2 will continue to be IBIA’s official betting data partner, while granting it access to its database that covers over 160 jurisdictions and close to 100 global betting brands spread across 100+ countries.

H2 Gambling Capital Is “Delighted“ to Work Together with IBIA

H2 Gambling Capital’s director David Henwood said the company was proud and delighted to keep working with the leading voice for integrity in licensed sports betting markets around the globe.

The association uses a dedicated alert and monitoring platform to fight off corruption while being at the forefront of the modernization of the international betting industry.

According to Henwood, the partnership has already led to ground-breaking results in the field of optimum regulations for sports betting markets. With the purpose of continuing to bring more professionalism to the industry, Henwood believes more accurate market data and analysis are needed. This is where the H2-IBIA partnership comes into the picture.

IBIA’s chief executive officer Khalid Ali also added that H2’s internationally praised dataset has represented an essential part of their policies. H2’s data has been used in a series of important IBIA responses to legislative consultations, with special emphasis on the Optimum Betting Market Study that was published in mid-2021. IBIA is also delighted to prolong its partnership with H2, especially since it comes at a good time for the growth of regulated betting markets worldwide. According to the freshest yearly report, IBIA discovered and flagged 236 alerts for suspicious betting activities during 2021, which is a 13% drop compared to the 2020 numbers.

IBIA Launched Its Services in the American and Canadian Markets

IBIA also decided to officially launch its dedicated integrity monitoring services in Canada and the US in February. The decision was a natural step for the expansion of the association’s database of members as well as its operational sphere. The strategic move came at a time when several states in the US along with the Ontario province in Canada asked for the integration of sports betting operators in a monitoring body for betting integrity. Similarly, the freshly launched online betting market in the Netherlands also had most of its online operators join IBIA. IBIA also become the Canadian Gaming Association’s latest partner as the country is getting ready to welcome the opening of its sports betting industry with private operators.

Since it is run by operators for the best benefit of operators, IBIA is busy protecting all of its members from corruption with the help of an advanced anti-corruption tool. The tool monitors all suspicious betting activities and issues alerts upon identifying any acts of corruption. The reports concerning suspicious activity are issued to all members part of the respective betting markets where the activities took place. IBIA is also involved in a series of important partnerships with top sports and gambling regulating bodies that allow it to make use of its data and fight off corruption.

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