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HungryBear Creates Branded Slots Masters Product for Novibet

The original Slot Masters attracted 38,000 players on its release and has cemented itself as a fan-favorite offering

HungryBear Gaming, a North American gaming studio, has teamed up with Novibet to launch a branded version of the Slot Masters multiplayer game in Greece. Slot Masters is the studio’s most popular title to date and is expected to channel many players toward the operator’s platform.

According to the announcement, HungryBear Gaming and Novibet have worked together to create a brand-new branded version of the popular multiplayer slot. This bespoke version will be exclusively available to Novibet and its players in Greece and beyond.

Slot Masters is an unprecedented three-way head-to-head slot where players actively compete with one another. Participants can use a variety of offensive and defensive tools to affect their competitors’ performance or protect themselves from attacks.

Slot Masters attracted 38,000 players on its release and has cemented itself as a fan-favorite offering and an effective acquisition tool for gambling companies all over the world.

Earlier this year, HungryBear Gaming also penned a distribution deal with Blueprint Gaming, adding its titles to its integration platform.

Novibet Is Excited to Launch the New Product

HungryBear Gaming’s chief commercial officer, Heather Faulkner, commented on the new launch, saying that her team is excited to join forces with Novibet. Faulkner noted that HungryBear is thrilled to launch the branded version of Slot Masters in Greece and see how local players react to the innovative game.

The CCO added that HungryBear Gaming and Novibet share the same commitment to delivering great experiences to players.

Novibet’s dedication to delivering the best gaming experience aligns perfectly with our own vision, and we are confident that our game will resonate well with players in Greece.

Heather Faulkner, CCO, HungryBear Gaming

Novibet’s casino product and CRM director, Fotini Matthaiou, also commented on the matter, expressing his team’s happiness about bringing the “competitive world of Slot Masters” to its players in Greece.

The addition of this unique and exclusive multiplayer game will further diversify our gaming portfolio and demonstrate our commitment to delivering top-tier entertainment options to our customers. The initial launch period has generated great engagement levels, and we’re hopeful this will continue over the coming months.

Fotini Matthaiou, casino product and CRM director, Novibet

Meanwhile, Novibet recently onboarded content from NetGaming, Relax Gaming and BF Games.


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