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HOFV Hires the Experienced Rob Borm as EVP of Gaming

Hall of Fame Resort and Entertainment Company (HOFV) has powered its leadership team by hiring the experienced Rob Borm. The latter will assume the role of executive vice president of gaming and will help the company scale its business.

Borm Will Scale the Company’s Gaming Operations

HOFV has been increasingly aware of the opportunities lying within the gaming market and is seeking to improve its daily fantasy products. The addition of Borm comes at the right time as the company needs additional expertise to carry on with its plans.

As an EVP of gaming, the new appointee will manage HOFV’s gambling division and will help to improve the quality of its daily fantasy offering, the Hall of Fantasy League. To that end, Borm will work together with the company’s team and will collaborate with its partners to streamline the project and deliver supreme results. The EVP of gaming job will have the new employee collaborate with companies such as Genesis and Rush Street in order to leverage HOFV’s gaming products.

Additionally, Borm will be responsible for looking for new partners and expanding HOFV’s footprint. His long years of experience are a crucial part of HOFV’s plans. Borm has previously worked as the head of partnerships of the esports company LeagueSpot. He has more than two decades of experience as an associate publisher for Game Informer and is well-versed in digital entertainment.

HOFV Has Ambitious Plans for the Future

Borm is delighted to join HOFV, admitting that he had been impressed by the company even before joining it. He noted that the company has a great gaming vertical backed by robust partnerships with some of the most notable names in the industry. The new EVP of gaming added that the company’s innovative fantasy model is nothing short of impressive.

As someone with prior experience in the industry, Borm lauded HOFV’s successes, mentioning that he recognizes first-hand how difficult it is to get the attention of operators such as Genesis and Rush Street. 

HOFV welcomed Borm to the company. President Michael Crawford said that he is delighted to add the new EVP of gaming’s talent to the company’s team. Crawford provided further insight into HOFV’s ambitions:

“Given all that we have accomplished on the gaming front in the last year, we needed someone who knows how to capitalize on the significant number of growth opportunities that exist in this sector and generate maximum exposure for our company and our partners with customers and fans alike.”

HOFV president Michael Crawford

HOFV is a brand describing itself as “a resort and entertainment company leveraging the power and popularity of professional football and its legendary players in partnership with the Pro Football Hall of Fame.” The company is keen on growing and asserting itself on the market. 


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