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High Stake Poker Pros Boycott GGPoker’s Updated Rake System

The high rollers boycotting GGPoker's new rake structure claim that the network's rakes have been historically high, and the new update exacerbates further this issue

Over the last few years, GGPoker has been growing at a steady pace. The network kept improving its games, introducing innovations, as well as lucrative rewards and promotions. But while offering engaging poker action for high rollers and newcomers, GGPoker has kept a higher rake, when compared to its competitors.

While this didn’t bother many players, an update in the raking system started a boycott, led by a number of high roller players, who rejected the new rake structure by GGPoker, a forum post on Two Plus Two released earlier this week reveals.

As of today, the High Stakes community will boycott 25/50+ games on GGPoker. Ninety percent of the highest volume players at these stakes have already committed to the boycott,

reads a statement released by the group opposing the updated rake system on GGPoker

Can the Boycott Impact GGPoker?

Led by “the High Stakes community,” the boycott reportedly has already impacted $25/$50+ games on GGPoker. In fact, Mixgrill, the representative of the group opposing the updated rake system, confirmed that the high-stakes tables have been down to one, as of Monday, confirming that the boycott is already working.

According to the forum post, the group that opposes the new high rake system consists of 90 high-stakes players and poker pros. Ultimately, the group calls for the development of a “sustainable long-term playing environment.” The boycotting high rollers noted: “An environment in which it is possible for players to win money and enjoy themselves, as the network continues to generate enough revenue to profit.”

The boycott is already working. The table count has decreased to just one, and we are currently contacting the last few players who have not yet joined us,

explained the boycotting group

An important topic raised by the boycotting group involved the high rake back advertised by GGPoker. The high rollers acknowledged that this high rake back is “supposed to offset the rake.” However, they claimed: “With up to 60% being offered in the client, these numbers are misleading and generally false.”

According to the boycott group, the increase in rake was so drastic that pro poker players realized that they cannot win. The group predicted a significant decrease in the volume of raked hands, which can also ultimately impact recreational players. This, in turn, may also result in less revenue for GGPoker and customers switching to alternative poker networks, said the boycotting group.


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