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High Court Sides with UKGC in IGT’s Lawsuit for Damages

The court's decision puts an end to the lawsuit claim for damages unless IGT seeks to appeal the decision

The globally recognized operator, Allwyn, secured a license for the National Lottery in the UK back in 2021. This came after a decision of the gambling regulator in the country, the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC), to award the license. However, that decision resulted in lawsuits against the regulator. Initially, International Game Technology (IGT), filed a lawsuit against the UKGC which was consequently dropped last year in September.

Now, the gambling regulator confirmed that a second lawsuit by IGT also came to a dead end. After dropping its initial lawsuit, IGT filed a new case, pursuing claims for damages. However, that lawsuit was now dismissed after a decision by the High Court. The court concluded that IGT didn’t have “the legal standing to bring this legal claim against the Commission.” As a result, it said that IGT’s claims have been dismissed and the operator cannot pursue a claim for damages any longer.

The latest decision by the High Court marks a milestone moment in this lengthy legal battle. Effectively, this puts an end to IGT’s litigation for the fourth National Lottery license as the High Court’s decision favors the UKGC. Still, the decision remains subject to appeal if IGT seeks to challenge it.

Recently, IGT announced a new collaboration with Totalizator Sportowy, the operator of the Polish national lottery. Under the terms of the agreement, the company agreed to upgrade the operator’s iGaming platform, deploying all of its solutions to the cloud.

This brings an end to all IGT litigation regarding the Fourth license competition in the Commission’s favor, subject to any IGT appeal against this decision. We remain resolute that we have run a fair and robust competition, and that our evaluation has been carried out fairly and lawfully in accordance with our statutory duties,

reads a statement released by the UK Gambling Commission

IGT isn’t the only operator that filed a lawsuit in light of Allwyn’s National Lottery license. The New Lottery Company (TNLC) also filed a lawsuit which is yet to be resolved. According to the UKGC, it remains unclear what TNLC will decide considering the outcome of IGT’s lawsuit.

The gambling watchdog reassured that one of its ongoing priorities is the “seamless and timely transition” to the fourth National Lottery license. As one of the world’s largest lotteries, the UK National Lottery helped fund some 670,000 good causes in the country by raising more than £47 billion ($60.4 billion) since it launched in 1994. Despite the transition to a new licensee, the Lottery anticipates further growth and a boost in the contributions to good causes.

The outgoing National Lottery operator, Camelot UK, initially challenged UKGC’s decision. However, later on, it dropped its lawsuit and was consequently acquired by Allwyn.


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