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Hayden Hopkins Denies Las Vegas Raiders Owner Is Father of Her Baby

The Cirque du Soleil dancer deemed the rumors "wildly untrue," uncovering that she expects her baby together with her partner, Joey

A photo of the famous Cirque du Soleil dancer, Hayden Hopkins, dating back to December 2022, when she was pictured together with Mark Davis, the owner of the popular National Football League (NFL) franchise, the Las Vegas Raiders, once again stirred up rumors about a romantic relationship between the duo.

This time, the rumors were fueled by a surprise announcement from Hopkins that she was pregnant. Late in April, she posted on Instagram a picture of hers where she is seen wearing a long skirt and a bra while showing her belly. The caption of the photo read “baby,” clearly indicating the dancer’s excitement to become a mother.

However, earlier this week, a post on X, formerly Twitter, by Dov Kleiman, a mysterious online personality that offers the “best and most accurate NFL news and stories,” submitted a story, claiming that Hopkins was pregnant with Davis’ child. In the report, which has been deleted since, the self-proclaimed NFL insider wrote: “Congrats! 26-year-old Hayden Hopkins, girlfriend of Raiders owner Mark Davis (70), is pregnant. Happy for the power couple.”

The Dancer and Choreographer Disputes the Rumors

But as it turns out, Kleiman was far from the truth. Not only did the insider note Davis’ age wrong, as the Las Vegas Raiders’ owner is actually 69, but also didn’t guess correctly about his involvement with Hopkins. The Cirque du Soleil dancer took it to her personal profile on X to share a statement, disputing the rumors that she was involved romantically with Davis.

Reports of Mark Davis being the father of my child are wildly untrue. I was pictured next to him at a game in 2022 and have endured false rumors of a romantic relationship since. I was just a guest sitting in the owner’s box with other friends,

wrote Hayden Hopkins

She deemed reports that the Raiders’ owner is the father of her child as “wildly untrue.” Hopkins explained that ever since her photo next to Davis at a game from 2022 appeared, false rumors have been circulating. According to her, at the time she was pictured with the Raiders’ owner, she was visiting together with friends.

The dancer condemned false rumors, outlining that they affect her negatively at a time when she should be happy. Finally, Hopkins wrote: “Joey and I are excited to welcome our baby in the fall xx.” The social media personality and dancer didn’t disclose any further details about the father of her child, other than mentioning his first name, Joey.


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