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Hard Rock Northern Indiana Beats Horseshoe in Table Game Play in August

Horseshoe Casino and Hard Rock Casino have a massive competition for Northwest Indiana’s gambling market and, as the numbers show, these two giants are dominating the region. The Indiana Gaming Commission (IGC) released data on Friday that shows that Horseshoe has been outpaced in table game play by Hard Rock for the second consecutive month. In both July and August, Hard Rock managed to come out on top, but it is worth noting that Horseshoe grabbed the number-1 spot for total revenue received after paying all successful bettors.

Hard Rock in Northern Indiana Is the Top Baccarat Destination

Ever since Hard Rock Northern Indiana opened its doors on May 14, it has become the most desired destination for table games, specifically for baccarat. After all, the staff is extremely professional and while the facility was being built, Hard Rock was looking to hire around 200 experienced live dealers.

As told by the IGC, the amount that visitors wagered at Hard Rock’s table games in August at the Gary casino was $42.3 million. The wagered amount was so massive that no other Hoosier State casino managed to top it. Hard Rock’s total amount wagered on table games was just a tad smaller than the combined drop of table games at the five casinos in Southern Indiana that are located on the Ohio River.

Baccarat comprised 55% of the total table game play at Hard Rock or around $23.4 million. The game also had a similar contribution to the total table game win at Hard Rock in August. According to the IGC, Hard Rock had a state-leading $9.3 million in table game win.

Matt Schuffert, the president of Hard Rock Northern Indiana, stated that he is extremely pleased with the results from August. He also added that even though August is usually a slower month than July, the casino managed to surpass $30 million in revenue and has become Indiana’s leader in table games, especially for baccarat.

Horseshoe Casino Also Had Decent Numbers

As for Horseshoe, the data indicates that this casino collected $8.4 million in table game win in August. The revenue was led by blackjack’s $2.8 million, which is the highest in the state, as well as a total of $11 million in blackjack pay. Hard Rock had $9.1 million in blackjack play for the same month, and it kept a total of $1.9 million.

Horseshoe also managed to beat Hard Rock in slot machine play and win in the month of August. But it is worth noting that the data indicates that Hard Rock tallied 11.5% more win per slot as opposed to Horseshoe.  IGC revealed that the August visitors at Horseshoe deposited $248.2 million on 1,974 slots and generated a win of $24.9 million for the casino.

On the other hand, Hard Rock was ranked third in slot machine play and win in the month of August. Visitors deposited $209.1 million on 1,448 slots, while the win was $20.9 million. The sister-casino of Horseshoe, Indiana Grand, which is located in Minneapolis, recorded $221.5 million in play and recorded $23.5 million in win on a total of 1,595 slots.

Combined, the four casinos in Northwest Indiana were responsible for 46.4% of the total win in the state, which was $209.3 million. The figure is the combined amount of 12 casinos and Horseshoe was the leader with $33.3 million. Hard Rock was right behind with $30.2 million, followed by Ameristar Casino (East Chicago) with $21.5 million, and Blue Chip Casino (Michigan City) with $12.1 million.

As for sports wagering, casinos in Hoosier State had $215.6 million in sports betting in August. Most of the bets were placed on baseball, as well as multiple sports parlay bets. Compared to July, betting recorded a 10.9% increase in August. In July, the sports betting handle was $194.5 million. Additionally, compared to August 2020, Indiana had 27.6% more bets on collegiate and professional sports.

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