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Hard Rock Intl. Confident it Will Win Hellinikon Appeal

Hard Rock International has appealed Greece Gaming Commission’s decision ruling in favor of Mohegan Gaming & Entertainment for the Hellinikon gaming project.

Hard Rock Appeals The Gaming Commission’s Decision

The airport near Athens in Greece is proving a contentious point between two gaming giants and Greece’s Gaming Commission. Mohegan Gaming and Hard Rock International may not have settled their license “dispute” for an upcoming casino project yet.

Earlier this year, the license was won by Mohegan Gaming but Hard Rock appealed the decision of the Hellenic Gaming Commission, which ruled in favor of Mohegan Gaming.

The appeal, however, was again rejected by both the Preliminary Appeals Authority and the Hellenic Gaming Commission. Today the operator will appeal to Greece’s Administrative Court. Hard Rock spokesman Michael Karloutos commented on the subject:

Hard Rock International will ultimately win the competition for Hellinikon…Hard Rock is the only company to have developed a project like this before and they will do it again”.

Hard Rock International Racing with Mohegan Gaming & Entertainment 

Mohegan Gaming & Entertainment won the project to build a hotel including a convention center, retail spaces, and a casino, which will completely transform the former airport located near Greece’s capital.

This is not Mohegan’s first project at all. Earlier this month, the operator announced that its Incheon project in Incheon, South Korea is going according to plan. The current project is estimated at $1.08 billion according to Mohegan Gaming.

Local Greek news agencies reported that Hard Rock International did not follow the time frame to send a letter of guarantee last year.

Furthermore, the Hellenic Gaming Commission noted that Hard Rock’s applications did not meet the financial criteria and experience in development in order to proceed. Michael Karloutsos of Hard Rock clearly did not agree with those statements and noted:

Hard Rock International is the only contender with a recognizable global brand and a world-wide network with staying power that can attract much needed additional tourists to Greece”.

Bids Amid Pandemic

The government of Greece, similar to all other European countries, is doing a lot to restrict the spread of COVID-19. While the country is trying to keep the economy well and save lives, the virus outbreak inevitably slows the process for the Inspire Athens concept by Mohegan Gaming & Entertainment. The project is also slowed down due to the current appeal by Hard Rock International.

According to Michael Karloutsos, once the global events around the virus settle down, Greece will feel the need for their hefty investment.

Sadly enough, regardless of who comes out as the winner of this argument, any project for the former airport will be delayed, and probably for years.


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