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Hard Rock Donates $1M for Breast Cancer Research

Hard Rock International shared that its Pinktober initiative managed to raise over a million dollars for breast cancer research, making it one of the initiative’s most successful years yet

Hard Rock International, an international company operating casinos, restaurants and shops, announced that the 23rd edition of its annual Pinktober campaign has raised $1 million for breast cancer research. This is one of the most successful years for Pinktober yet and will see the money donated to the American Cancer Society.

Hard Rock Supported Breast Cancer Research

Pinktober is Hard Rock’s annual initiative that sees the operator raise funds for the research of breast cancer, showing solidarity with many women around the world. To do so, Hard Rock’s properties, including the casinos, Hard Rock Cafes and Rock Shops offer limited-edition October-exclusive products.

These products usually include special menu items and limited-edition merchandise. In addition, Hard Rock International usually holds a charity songwriting contest and other activations, helping it gather enough money to donate.

This year’s Pinktober campaign performed noticeably better than the 2021 edition. For reference, this year’s iteration of the initiative saw Hard Rock raise a million for its cause – a significant improvement on last year’s $700,000.

Pinktober is one of Hard Rock’s biggest charity initiatives and has seen the company contribute to cancer research ever since 2000.

Celebrities Backed the Initiative

This year’s edition of the Pinktober campaign was headlined by Dominique Crenn, a famous French chef who has previously beaten breast cancer. Another celebrity that supported the operator’s initiative was the musician David Correy who helped with the songwriting contest. Correy is very invested in the cause because his mother passed away from breast cancer.

Hard Rock International’s chief operating officer, Jon Lucas, spoke about the initiative and called Pinktober “one of the most highly anticipated and celebrated times of the year at Hard Rock.”

Each October, our company divisions and properties around the globe truly personify our mottos of ‘Love All – Serve All’ and ‘Take Time To Be Kind’ by joining together to support breast cancer awareness and research.

Jon Lucas, COO, Hard Rock International

Lucas said that Hard Rock’s team was delighted to welcome chef Crenn and the talented Correy as partners of Hard Rock International and supporters of the Pinktober mission. He emphasized that both of them had been impacted by breast cancer and praised them for their willingness to join such a campaign.

In other news, Hard Rock just finalized its acquisition of the iconic The Mirage casino in Las Vegas. The operator acquired the property from MGM Resorts after securing approval from the Nevada Gaming Control Board.


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