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Hard Rock and Seminole Gaming Reiterate Commitment to Combating Human Trafficking

Hard Rock and Seminole Gaming will work hard to set a new standard for training in the gaming industry

Hard Rock International and Seminole Gaming have bolstered their commitment to combat human trafficking. To that end, the parties introduced new support tools for victims and at-risk individuals. In addition to that, the companies introduced a new youth education program, as well as special employee training. Finally, Hard Rock and Seminole Gaming announced that they will work with new community partners to increase their impact.

The move is in line with Hard Rock and Seminole Gaming’s continued efforts to increase awareness of the risks of human trafficking and prevent it as a whole. These efforts included the training of over 27,000 hotel and casino team members across the companies’ properties, as well as collaborations with community partners and advocacy groups.

The efforts will continue in 2024 as Hard Rock seeks to provide direct support to victims, survivors and at-risk youth.

Jim Allen, the chief executive officer of Seminole Gaming and chair of Hard Rock International, commented on the matter, saying:

We are deeply committed to the work our community partners provide for those at risk, victims and survivors of human trafficking in the United States and around the world, as we work together to combat human trafficking.

Jim Allen, CEO, Seminole Gaming

Hard Rock and Seminole Gaming Are Planning Several Initiatives

In 2024, Hard Rock and Seminole Gaming will continue their efforts in the war on human trafficking, introducing a variety of new programs.

One of these programs is the Twentyfour-Seven QR Code, which provides information and support to those who need it. In addition, the code deters traffickers from targeting individuals on member properties. Hard Rock and Seminole Gaming will become the first hospitality brands to globally implement the Twentyfour-Seven sticker across 44 hotels and casinos across 13 countries.

Hard Rock and Seminole Gaming will also expand their youth education in classrooms across Mexico, teaching students to recognize the red flags and avoid online luring. The content provided to thousands of students across the country has been created in partnership with experts from PACT-, ECPAT-Mexico and EduNetwork Partners.

The Hard Rock Social Identity Quest, on the other hand, has so far been adopted and taught by 60,000 teachers in 45 US states, reaching 1.2 million high schoolers.

In addition, Hard Rock and Seminole Gaming will continue to fund community partners through their Change for Change program, which raises funds to combat human trafficking. Hard Rock property visitors will have the opportunity to donate change to the Hard Rock Heals Foundation where 100% of the funds will benefit PACT and Twentyfour-Seven.

Furthermore, Hard Rock and Seminole Gaming will continue the Youth Employment Program, which seeks to protect young people escape a life of trafficking by helping them forge careers in hospitality. This program also has a number of partners, including Covenant House New York City and FLITE Center.

Finally, Hard Rock and Seminole Gaming will work hard to set a new standard for training in the gaming industry. To that end, the companies will team up with the American Gaming Association’s Anti-Human Trafficking Risk Force. The AGA will provide Hard Rock employees with the training they need to recognize signs that trafficking may occur and step in.


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