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GVC Appoints Dr Mark Griffiths to Lead Consumer Protection

GVC is tapping into the talent of Dr. Mark Griffiths, a behavioral specialist with over 30 years of experience, to spearhead the company’s responsible gambling practices.

Dr Mark Griffiths Steps in as Online Addiction Specialist for GVC          

GVC Holdings’ position on responsible gambling and consumer protection has only been improving, with the company now bringing a new online addiction specialist to help it enhance this important strategy.

To help achieve better player protection in the long-term, GVC has coined the so-called Sustainability Charter, which will seek to ensure the safety of all parties involved with gambling.

The company, which recently renamed itself as Entain, is tapping Dr Mark Griffiths for the post of online addiction specialist. Griffiths is by all means the right man for the job.

A professor of behavioral addiction and psychology at Nottingham Trent University, he is capable of offering valuable insight into the way addiction works and what aspects of the gaming experience GVC should address to achieve better consumer protection.

As such, Griffiths will work closely with GVC and examine its policies and processes established to guarantee responsible gaming. He will have to come up with a strategy that allows the company to improve its existing mechanisms and do so relying on scientific data.

Griffiths already has 30 years studying online behavior and addiction and that should be enough to allow him to fine-tune Entain’s existing regulatory framework.

Boosting Responsibility and Care within Entain

A key responsibility Griffiths will be tasked with is to ensure that the ‘Advanced Responsibility & Care’ initiative meets expected targets. The program is designed to produce scientific breakdown of individual players’ behavior and issue scientifically motivated solutions.

The opportunity seems good enough for Griffiths as well who will be able to tap into Entain’s base of over 160 million players and use this to leverage scientific discovery on an unprecedented scale.

As GVC changed its brand name to Entain, the company also announced that it would be withdrawing from the miniscule market share of unregulated markets, focusing entirely on legitimate markets instead.

Griffiths was excited with the news that he will step up to bolster GVC’s player protection program, having this to add:

“I’m delighted to be joining GVC at this time because it gives me an unprecedented opportunity to help deliver innovative technological advances supported by evidential scientific research to improve player protection.”

-GVC online gambling addiction specialist Dr. Mark Griffiths

Griffith’s inclusion comes at a time when the company is determined to establish itself as a leading gaming provider on consumer protection. The company teamed up with Conscious Gaming in the United States and signed up for the PlayPause initiative delivered through a joint venture with MGM Resorts International, to name BetMGM.

GVC similarly signed partnerships with Future Anthem and Mindway AI to leverage the use of artificial intelligence in improving consumer protection. The company’s Advanced Responsibility and Care (ARC) has been one of its main focuses and the appointment of Griffiths is another step in this direction.


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