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Group in Ontario Supports Ban on Gambling Advertising

After Canada's most populous province introduced a ban on the use of celebrities for gambling ads, a group showed support for an outright ban on betting advertisements

The expansion of mobile sports betting and online gambling continues to raise concerns about addiction and excessive gambling. The convenience when it comes to accessing such gambling entertainment is one of the most important factors in the process. Moreover, the growth of the popularity of betting on sports across North America and its impact on collegiate and professional sports raise further concerns.

Similar to the United States, provinces in Canada have established different rules for betting and iGaming. With regulations varying from one province to the other, Ontario, the country’s most populous province, is one of the most important markets in Canada not only for iGaming but for sports betting as well.

Amid the mounting concerns about the negative impact of gambling and potential gambling harm and addiction, groups opposing the activity propose strengthening of the regulations, especially for advertising. The effort comes after late last month, Ontario implemented a ban on the use of celebrity imagery for gambling advertisements. The latest change echoes best practices that are already established in a number of markets across Europe and around the world. Ultimately, the ban seeks to safeguard people from excessive gambling and gambling harm.

A Ban for Gambling Ads

Now, a group that raises concerns about the dangers of gambling advertising in Canada showed support for even tougher restrictions. The effort comes from Ban Ads for Gambling, an organization in the country that is in favor of a ban on gambling ads, as its name suggests. According to the group’s website, gambling advertisements are harmful for children, young adults and people who suffer from at-risk or problem gambling. Ultimately, the group advocates for the ban of gambling ads, similar to the ban in place for cannabis and tobacco.

Gambling ads are ruining sports. They are harmful to children and youth, and they damage those who have a gambling addiction. Just like ads for tobacco and cannabis, they should be banned,

reads a statement by Ban Ads for Gambling

Bruce Kidd, Ban Ads for Gambling’s chairman and professor emeritus of sports and public policy with the University of Toronto, who was recently interviewed by the New York Times, spoke about the growing number of people who claim sports are more enjoyable with wagering. He didn’t share this opinion, adding that the promotion of gambling ruins sports. Kidd explained: “first of all, it disembodies sport — it removes it from the enjoyment of the physical activity. And secondly, it reduces this extraordinarily rich, multifaceted cultural experience to one or two decisions, like whether the referee throws a flag in the first quarter.”

Currently, the group is supporting a bill with the Senate that calls for an overhaul of the rules related to sports wagering. However, according to Kidd, the proposal isn’t supported by the government which could mean that it doesn’t have a great chance to gain much traction.


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