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Greek Trapper Laundered Stolen ATM Money through Casinos, Police Says

This is not the first time Don Leon has been arrested for involvement in gang activity

Don Leon, a Greek trap star, has been arrested for alleged involvement in ATM robberies. According to the Greek City Times, the musician had laundered the money through casinos in the country.

Don Leon, 28, had two accomplices aged 27 and 26. The three men used explosives and metal-cutting tools to rob ATMs across the country, stealing a total of $770,000. The trapper and his accomplices gambled some of the money to launder it and also laundered large sums through the Greek music industry.

The local police pointed out that the robbers were also involved in vehicle stealing operations and used the stolen vehicles to conduct their operations throughout the country. However, the culprits’ criminal adventure eventually came to an end when the police apprehended them in Kifisia.

The police caught up to the three men just after another ATM robbery, this time in Ermioni. The Greek City Times report noted that they had stolen roughly $215,000 from that ATM.

The police raid saw law enforcers seize a large number of weapons and explosives. This included 1.5kg of explosives, a pyrotechnic rope, an M16 assault rifle and a number of pistols. The police also seized a metal cutting wheel and other tools that facilitated the burglary. In addition to the seized items, the police took roughly $222,000 in cash.

The police learned that the weapons broke Greece’s weapons laws. Some of the firearms were found in the residence of a relative of one of the suspects, leading to an additional arrest.

This Isn’t the First Time Don Leon Has Had Trouble with the Police

This is not the first time Don Leon has been arrested for involvement in gang activity. Back in 2021, the trapper was arrested for similar crimes. He was released in January 2023, insisting that he was not guilty of the crimes, the Greek City Time says.

The police will now continue to investigate Don Leon and his accomplices’ activities as it is believed that the full extent of their operation is yet to be seen. Greek authorities believe that further investigation is needed to uncover the “intricate connection” between organized crime, financial malfeasance and the entertainment industry.

The Greek City Times said that the current case may raise questions about the effectiveness of the law, considering that Don Leon liked to publicly display his wealth.

In the meantime, the police also consider the possibility of the trapper being a part of a broader criminal network.


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