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GR8 Tech Emerges to Replace Parimatch Tech

Parimatch Tech has been replaced by GR8 Tech, which will provide operators with even better B2B solutions

Parimatch Tech, Parimatch’s technology division, has been succeeded by GR8 Tech, a newly-formed entity that will supply iGaming operators with best-in-class solutions. GR8 Tech will leverage the experience of its team, focusing on productive long-term partnerships, commitment and a straightforward approach to the provision of gaming tech.

If You Want to Be First, You Need Your Pit Crew

GR8 Tech is an ambitious project, seeking to satisfy the even greater ambitions of its partnering operators. The company is built upon three decades of experience in the dynamic iGaming market and is intimately familiar with the needs of companies in the sector.

GR8 is the latest chapter in the history of Parimatch, which began in 1994. The main brand has since become synonymous with deals with the best sports leagues and athletes in the world. Because of how sought-after the company’s services were, it created the Parimatch Tech division in 2021, seeking to better serve the industry. GR8 is the successor of this division and will see Parimatch leverage its experience to provide its partners with even better solutions.

GR8 Is Ready to Fuel and Fix

The new entity will provide full tech coverage for major gaming companies. This will include a GR8 iGaming platform with a sportsbook, casino, payment hub, flexible API, CRM tools, player management, risk management, fraud prevention, gamification and many other custom tools.

In addition, GR8 Tech will offer business-as-a-service that comes with a functional business with a running structure, streamlined processes, launched marketing, a reporting system and early financial results.

The last big thing on GR8’s portfolio will be the GR8 Parimatch franchise, which includes the well-known Parimatch brand and iGaming platform for regulated markets under complete partner management.

GR8 Tech will also offer consulting, integration and operation services, using an intuitive one-stop-shop approach. As a result, iGaming companies can find everything they need and integrate it into their platforms without much hassle.

All products and services have passed thorough quality control and will be available in multiple markets. Parimatch Tech’s brand ambassadors will carry on to the new company.

GR8 Ready to Be Your Lifelong Crew

Maksym Liashko who used to serve as the chief executive officer of Parimatch Tech, spoke about the launch of the new company. He called it a “long-awaited event” and said he is proud to see the team embark on a new B2B journey.

I’m convinced their experience and expertise under the guidance of GR8 Tech CEO Evgen Belousov will allow them to realize all the ambitious goals the company sets itself.

Maksym Liashko, ex-CEO, Parimatch Tech

Speaking of Belousov, he also released a statement about GR8 Tech and its vision. He said that the newly-formed company seeks to be more consistent and convenient than its competitors and provide iGaming businesses with solutions suited to their needs.

GR8 Tech composes tailor-made gaming solutions designed to evolve and fit the changing business environments, thus allowing our partners the freedom of forward-thinking and long-term planning. And that’s GR8!

Evgen Belousov, CEO, GR8

Industry enthusiasts can learn more about GR8 Tech at ICE London this February.


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