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Government Responds as Support for Anti-Affordability Checks Petition Swells

The UK government is committed to a proportionate, frictionless system of financial risk checks that protects those at risk of harm without over-regulating

Earlier this month, opponents of the UK government’s affordability checks plans launched a petition against the measure. Created by Nevin Truesdale, the petition wants the UK to abandon its current plans. However, the government is not willing to back down.

The petition describes the affordability checks as “inappropriate and discriminatory.” Such intrusive measures, the petition argues, would diminish the enjoyment people get out of their hobby and may channel them toward the black market. As a result, the British horse racing sector may decline, opponents of the checks warn.

The petition seeks 100,000 signatures at which point it would be considered for debate in parliament. As of the time of this writing, the petition has 86,420 signatures.

The Government Plans to Implement “Frictionless Checks”

As per British law, the government responded to the petition at 10,000 signatures, once again reaffirming its plans to make the checks as frictionless as possible. On November 16, the government said that the UKGC would be careful not to over-regulate.

We are committed to a proportionate, frictionless system of financial risk checks, to protect those at risk of harm without over-regulating. The Gambling Commission will set out plans in due course.

DCMS statement

The government added that it recognizes the concerns and will do everything it can to avoid the undesired effects that may stem out of the affordability checks. According to the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sports, the government is a “strong supporter” of the horse racing sector and will try to strike a balance between customer safety and the health of the industry.

As a result, the government will not mandate the checks before it is absolutely certain they would be frictionless for the vast majority of customers. The DCMS added that financial risk assessment using data from credit reference agencies will only affect those in the highest 3% of gambling losses.

The Gambling Commission’s consultation, which ran from 26 July to 18 October, received over 2,400 responses, many of which focused on financial risk checks. Those responses, and this petition, show the benefit of engaging the public ahead of implementing proposals.

DCMS statement

The DCMS also pointed out that the UKGC and the government are working together to consider all views.

In other news, the UKGC recently expressed its desire for a healthy relationship with operators.


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