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Gordon Moody Pioneers Affected Others Service at Dudley Center

The Affected Others Service is designed to support those affected by someone else’s harm throughout their whole journey to full recovery

Gordon Moody, a British charity seeking to help people affected by problem gambling, has unveiled the Gordon Moody Affected Others Service. The new service seeks to provide guidance, support and counsel to people who have a loved one who is in treatment with Gordon Moody.

The Affected Others Service is being piloted at the charity’s center in Dudley and is designed to support those affected by someone else’s harm throughout their whole journey to full recovery. Affected people can receive one-to-one therapy, a mediation service and an opportunity to join sessions with other people who have been harmed by someone else’s gambling.

A major thing that makes the Affected Other Service special is the fact that involving a problem player’s family and friends can boost the treatment process and lead to better outcomes.

The new service is led by veteran staff that includes people with lived experience as an affected other. It will develop through the pilot with the aim of becoming a staple across Gordon Moody’s centers in 2024.

Gordon Moody Recognizes the Challenges Affected Others Face

Sarah Forshaw, Gordon Moody’s head of service development, said that her team recognizes the challenges the loved ones of harmed players face. Because of that, Gordon Moody wanted to produce a service that addresses the affected others’ needs in a way that improves the overall treatment process.

This service will provide dedicated support to loved ones to address these harms as well as joint support and sessions to rebuild relationships and trust. People will be able to go on to rebuild their lives and thrive, not just get by.

Sarah Forshaw, head of service development, Gordon Moody

Forshaw added that this service will improve the lives of a further six to ten people for each person entering residential treatment.

At the same time, Gordon Moody talked about its Alumni Project. Launched in April, the project saw the company reach out to 400 ex-service users and ask if they would like to sign up for its Alumni newsletter.

Since April, Gordon Moody has onboarded 45 of its alumni for internal and external activities to better the lives of harmed consumers. Alumni have taken part in a variety of activities and events, leveraging their experience to help others.


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