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Gordon Moody Highlights Effectiveness of Women’s Residential Program

Approximately half of the women who participated in the program showed no gambling behaviors six months post treatment

The UK’s leading charity focused on providing support and treatment for people affected by problem gambling, Gordon Moody, launched its first women-only residential treatment center in 2021. Addressing the growing need for residential treatment of women affected by gambling harm, the charity introduced its complete program in June last year and moved its center to a location in the West Midlands.

Close to a year after the launch of the program, Dr. Rosalind Baker-Frampton, Gordon Moody’s Evaluation and Research lead, released a new report that highlighted the effectiveness of the women-only residential treatment.

Per the program, participants undergo six weeks of residential treatment. Women who enroll in the program benefit from pre- and post-treatment support. Recovery housing is also available to them, and specialists continuously support the program participants before their return to independent living.

Gordon Moody Evaluation & Research Lead, Dr. Rosalind Baker-Frampton, has co-authored an evaluation report outlining the effectiveness of the Gordon Moody women-only residential treatment program for those severely affected by gambling-related harms,

reads a statement released by Gordon Moody

The Program Is Proven to Reduce the Severity of Gambling, Anxiety and Depression

In the latest evaluation report, Dr. Baker-Frampton acknowledged the effectiveness of the treatment. Out of 68 women, 87% completed the residential treatment program. Notably, six months after the treatment, half of the women who participated in the program showed no gambling behaviors, while 13% were designated as low risk.

Enrolling in the program, the majority of the women displayed symptoms of depression. However, six months after the completion of the residential treatment program, more than 50% of the women reported “no depression or general psychological distress,” as explained by Dr. Baker-Frampton.

Participating in this program reduces the level of gambling severity and levels of anxiety and depression, and improves psychological wellbeing, in women suffering from gambling harm.

Dr. Rosalind Baker-Frampton, Gordon Moody Evaluation & Research Lead

The results of the residential treatment program come at a time when a considerable number of the British population admitted to gambling in the last four weeks. Data from the Gambling Commission suggests that 53% of men and 43% of women in Great Britain engage in gambling.

What’s more, an estimated 35% of the calls to the National Gambling Helpline come from women, GambleAware confirms. Approximately 23% of the women who called the helpline shared concerns about their own gambling activities.

This data signals the need for breaking stigma and providing effective support for women affected by problem gambling. In that context, Gordon Moody’s efforts precisely address the need by delivering a pre- and post-treatment program that enables women to overcome problem gambling.


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