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Google to Weave Ads Restrictions for Online Betting Agencies in NJ

  • Google sets new advertising policy in New Jersey
  • New rules apply only for online sports betting agencies
  • Exception may be introduced later on to include casinos and card rooms

Google will allow sports betting companies in New Jersey to advertise using the namesake Google Ads tool that is the world’s most powerful online advertisement engine.

Google Lets Sportsbooks in NJ Advertise via “Google Ads”

After Apple announced restrictions to non-native gambling apps, Google is pushing ahead with a Google Ads update in New Jersey. Local gaming businesses have all the reasons in the world to pay attention as the update will allow NJ-based sportsbooks to advertise their services on the world’s largest advertisement engine.

This comes as a complete reversal of previous decisions to narrow down the presence of gaming apps in the Google Play store and purging thousands of apps and websites in the past. The news has been well met by a number of high-level executives.

During a financial performance report, 888 executive Yaniv Sherman noted that the latest tweaks to Google’s advertisement policy would allow the company to have “a competitive edge, and it broadens the marketing pie for us to choose from.”

The original update was announced in May:

The Google Ads policy on Gambling and games will change in June 2019 to allow state-licensed gambling entities to promote sports betting content in New Jersey, as part of a limited beta. After the update, advertisers who wish to promote online sports betting content in New Jersey must submit a gambling certification request through the updated policy page.

What Does Google’s New Ads Policy State?

Under the new changes, Google will make tentative steps towards allowing legitimate business e to advertise online sports betting offers. Here is a list of what the company has planned for the time being:

  • Any business that wants to advertise must hold a license from the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement (NJDGE)
  • Only sports betting offers may appear in adds. Casinos and poker games are still under prohibition
  • All websites must be part of the Google network sites in order for the ads to reach the end customer

Google is also pushing ahead with responsible gambling practices designed to prevent gambling harm. This includes a complete compliance with the state’s own regulations. The update stated:

With respect to your gambling activities, you will not invite, encourage, nor permit under-21s to gamble and will maintain appropriate age verification systems and procedures, including.

Moving forward, it would be interesting to see if the financial performance of NJ insofar as sports betting goes would improve in any way.

Why So Friendly After the Sweep?

Google has long taken the gunk-ho approach towards anything gambling and sports betting related, responding not only to local legislation, but also the company’s own integrity standards. However, as more states give their go-ahead to legal sports betting, Google is now looking for an opportunity to capture part of the revenue.

It’s worth noting that Google’s involvement in sports betting might give other vertical a boost as well. With 80% of Google’s revenue coming from advertisement, the tech giant is keen to tap into new markets that allow it to generate even more liquidity.

Meanwhile, Apple has been tightening its own guidelines towards the gaming segment. Specifically, the company has decided to start purging apps that do not meet its own standards insofar as “native” apps go.


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