April 27, 2022 2 min read


Goa Gaming Commissioner to Finally Take over the Industry

The Indian state of Goa is now moving forward with its proposed gambling framework that will allow its casino to start bustling. The state-approved a Gaming Commissioner to oversee these operations more than three years ago in 2019, but the state is moving only now to get everything up and running.

Gaming Commissioner Closer to Taking Over

This comes in the context of another state, Meghalaya, pressing on with its own plans to introduce sports betting, casino gaming, and other online and retail gambling options. According to the Times of India, the Home Department has now put the final touches on its casino rules and has submitted them to chief minister Pramod Sawant for final approval.

The proper regulation of casinos and gambling properties in Goa will make it one of the most forward-thinking states when it comes to gambling opportunities. It should also constitute a significant financial opportunity for the jurisdiction which will benefit from the pent-up demand for legalized gambling opportunities and also attract interest from neighboring states and tourists.

With a Gaming Commissioner in place but no definitive rules, Goa’s launch has had to wait a while, but it now seems that things will be improving. As a clarification, Goa already has offshore casinos, but the framework would clear up much of the legislative muddle and help clear up a future course of action for all.

Goa Locals May Not Be Allowed in Casinos

This includes the way tax is collected and casinos are licensed. The Gaming Commissioner will preside over much of this and will also ensure that no regulatory breaches go unpunished. Goa, though, will most likely not allow locals to gamble at its casinos similar to what Meghalaya is now proposing. Chances are that locals would not be allowed on the floors of gaming casinos following the enactment of the new rules either. The state is one of few to allow gambling in the country.


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