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GiG to Acquire Casinomeister in a $3.25M Deal

Casinomeister’s founder said that he has a long history with GiG Media and is confident that the latter company will be able to maintain the former’s core values and principles

Gaming Innovation Group, a leading gambling affiliate and iGaming platform provider, has announced its strategic acquisition of Casinomeister, a casino advocacy and review platform. The new acquisition will reinforce GiG’s business, cementing its commitment to providing better player services to its iGaming partners.

According to the announcement, GiG will purchase Casinomeister in a €3 million deal (approximately $3.25 million, current rates). The transaction is set to close in June and is expected to have an immediate financial impact on the former company’s business. The positive impact of the acquisition, according to GiG, should increase going forward when Casinomeister has been fully implemented into GiG Media’s business.

Casinomeister has been in business since 1998, promoting transparency and fairness in gambling for over two decades. Under the arrangement, the firm will retain its branding and uniqueness while capitalizing on the benefits of being a part of the GiG family.

GiG’s reach and capabilities are expected to reinforce Casinomeister’s growth, mirroring the boost they provided to the AskGamblers division earlier.

For GiG, the acquisition of Casinomeister to the GiG Media portfolio represents a significant opportunity to grow and diversify its business.

Casinomeister’s Founder Is Optimistic about the Arrangement

Jonas Warrer, Gaming Innovation Group’s chief executive officer, commented on the new acquisition, praising Casinomeister’s “renowned dedication to fair play and community support.” According to Warrer, these qualities perfectly align with GiG’s own values and the recent acquisition of AskGamblers.com.

Together, these platforms will enhance our market reach and optimize the complaint resolution services we provide to the community, reinforcing our position at the forefront of player advocacy.

Jonas Warrer, CEO, GiG

Bryan Baily, Casinomeister’s founder, also commented on the matter, saying that Casinomeister is, for him, a hobby-turned-passion-project. He believes that the acquisition is a natural progression for his firm and said that he is entrusting Casinomeister to the “most capable team in the industry.”

I have dedicated twenty-six years to building this business, and now it’s time to pass the reins to a new, dynamic team who can lead it into the future.

Bryan Baily, founder, Casinomeister

Baily added that he has a long history with GiG Media and is confident that the latter company will be able to maintain Casinomeister’s core values and principles.

In other news, GiG recently posted its Q1 financials, announcing progress on its business split.


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