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Gibraltar Minister Pleased with Gambling Industry Meetings

Feetham said that he is delighted by Entain and 888’s commitment to Gibraltar as a key gambling hub

Gibraltar’s Minister for Justice Trade and Industry, Nigel Feetham, has praised Entain and 888’s commitment to the territory’s gambling sector. This followed recent meetings with company representatives.

According to the Gibraltar government, Feetham personally spoke with Entain’s interim chief executive officer, Stella David, and 888’s chief executive, Per Widerström. Both companies recently underwent structural and leadership changes but remain important contributors to Gibraltar’s economy.

Having cemented itself as one of the most important gambling hubs, Gibraltar is highly dependent on the gambling industry’s contributions. As a result, Feetham’s meetings with David and Widerström were of crucial importance to the territory.

The meetings saw the Minister for Justice Trade and Industry discuss a variety of important topics, such as taxes, regulations and business optimization. Feetham also discussed the businesses’ future in the region and the expectations the region has for them. 

According to the local government, the minister was very pleased with the two gambling powerhouses.

Feetham Praised Entain and 888’s Commitment to Gibraltar

Following the meetings with David and Widerström, Feetham said that he is delighted by the two gambling powerhouses’ commitment to Gibraltar as a key gambling hub. He thanked the two executives for the time they spent discussing the future of the sector with him and said that he is looking forward to future collaboration with the firms.

Feetham added that he plans to also speak with representatives of other key gambling industry shareholders. In addition, he will engage with financial services companies to further clarify the Gibraltar government’s policy and make comments on the future of Gibraltar’s economy.

For reference, Minister Feetham is responsible for engaging with all multi-jurisdictional groups in the country and making sure that they are structured in a way that delivers proportionate levels of taxation to the local economy.


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