Germany’s DSWV Urges for Action against Black Market Operators

A new report released by the German Sports Betting Association (DSWV), calls for prompt action against black market operators.

More than 400 Black Market Websites Operate in Germany

The report was released in light of Germany’s Gambling Addiction Action Day 2022, on September 27, and acknowledges that protection of the gamblers and sports bettors from illegal, unlicensed operators is incredibly important. The DSWV also referred to as the Der Deutsche Sportwettenverband, revealed that it supports the initiatives organized by the federal states as a part of the Gambling Addiction Action Day. What’s more, the Association reaffirmed that it is incredibly important to protect and prevent gambling addiction regardless of the form of gambling.

The black market offering gambling and sports betting services has reached gigantic proportions in recent years.

Mathias Dahms, president of the German Sports Betting Association

Mathias Dahms, the Association’s president, acknowledged that the presence of black market operators offering sports betting and gambling services soared recently. He pointed out that the DSWV was able to detect and identify more than 400 black market websites that are available for customers in Germany. Last but not least, Dahms warned that the actual number of unregulated, black market operators may even be significantly higher than what was identified.

We were able to identify more than 400 unlicensed websites where customers from Germany can easily register and play. And that might just be the tip of the iceberg,

warned Dahms

Licensed Operators Implemented Responsible Gambling Measures

Focusing on licensed operators in Germany, the DSWV acknowledged their efforts to prevent problem gambling. It said that licensed operators in the country are connected to OASIS, a player blocking system that allows German players to self-exclude from gambling activities. The innovative self-exclusion system was introduced under Germany’s new State Treaty on Gambling known as GlüNeuRStV which came into effect in July 2021. Under the State Treaty, all licensed gambling operators must be connected to OASIS to ensure the safety of self-excluded individuals and prevent them from gambling.

While connecting to OASIS is mandatory for licensed operators, that’s not their only player protection effort. According to the DSWV, licensees went further to implement additional measures that ultimately seek to protect online players from gambling harm. Such tools include the implementation of AI that can detect suspicious or risky betting patterns. 

However, the German Sports Betting Association pointed out that such self-exclusion and player protection efforts are not mandatory or available for black market operators. The Association revealed it hopes the new gambling authority, the Glücksspielbehörde, will take effective action against the black market operators. Last but not least, it said that the elimination of the black market may be achieved by channeling the players toward licensed operators.

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