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Georgia to Retry Sports Betting Legalization

The new legislative session in Georgia kicks off today and many expect a new sports betting bill to spring up

Georgia’s failed bid to legalize sports betting in 2022 did not discourage gambling proponents. Despite the disgruntlement of anti-gambling groups, many believe that the introduction of the vertical would benefit the economy.

Georgia Failed to Legalize Sports Betting in 2022

Georgia is a state with decades of traditions in sports. However, wagering on sports continues to be illegal, despite efforts to change that. Despite the setbacks, lawmakers plan to have another go at it and reintroduce a sports betting bill in the next legislative session, which opens today.

If everything goes according to the plans, sports betting may become a reality, allowing punters to place wagers on their favorite sports teams. If the state legalizes the vertical, it would likely also legalize mobile sports betting as well.

In order for this to become a reality, the theoretical bill would need to first be approved by the state House and Senate. This may prove to be the difficult part as some lawmakers remain unconvinced about the benefits of sports betting.

People in Atlanta Are Divided

11Alive inquired about how people in Atlanta feel about the legalization of sports betting.

Mike Griffin, a member of the Georgia Baptist Mission Board, for example, believes that the legalization of sports betting is a slippery slope. According to him, it would encourage proponents of other “sin industries” to also raise their voices and worries that this may one day lead to legalized drugs and prostitution.

Furthermore, Griffin worries that sports betting would raise gambling addiction rates and bankrupt people. He noted that sports betting tends to be very addictive and is, therefore, very dangerous.

On the contrary, pro-sports betting parties argued that the vertical is nothing more than another type of money game. Considering that lotteries are already legal in the state, many people believe that sports betting will not have a dramatic effect on crime and gambling harm rates.

Monica Robinson, a metro Atlanta community member, said that she would support sports betting as long as it is regulated and as long as some of the profits are invested in areas where it is needed. Her sentiments were echoed by Ejriece Robinson, who noted that regulation is indeed needed but otherwise there is no reason not to legalize sports betting.

Stephens Is Certain that Sports Betting Would Benefit the State

State Representative Ron Stephens, an avid sports fan, said that, sadly, people don’t realize the inherent similarities between lotteries and sports betting and tend to be much more prejudiced toward the latter.

Stephens has supported previous bills and confirmed that the Legislature will once again try to get sports betting legalized during the upcoming legislative session. He believes that a regulated and properly taxed sports betting industry would do wonders for the economy and pointed out that some of the proceeds may be used to cure compulsive gamblers.


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