Genius Sports Taps MEDIAPRO for Stronger Ties with Canadian Soccer

Genius Sports is expanding its reach in sports through a partnership with MEDIAPRO Canada for more coverage of Canadian soccer.

Genius Sports to Bring More Canadian Soccer Globally 

Data and technology company Genius Sports Limited has secured a new partnership with MEDIAPRO Canada, a leading broadcast services and media rights distribution and production company. Through this partnership, the companies will help boost the profile of Canadian soccer domestically and internationally, tapping into Genius Sports’ official data and streaming and marketing solutions, an official press release explains.

MEDIAPRO Canada will leverage its partnerships with the Canadian Soccer Business (CSB) and the Canadian Premier League (CPL), as well as its OneSoccer streaming platform that will now benefit from Genius Sports’ live data and content. Through this partnership, Genius Sports will be able to integrate its products directly into the platform’s streams and lead to more personalized promotions and offers for OneSoccer subscribers.

As an additional benefit for Genius Sports, the data company has secured the worldwide rights to distribute live video streams from all CPL and Canadian Championship matches, giving it a significant new market opportunity to explore. Sportsbooks will be able to tap into official data thanks to Genius Sports link-up with CSB. 

Commenting on these developments, MEDIAPRO Canada CEO Oscar López said that he was delighted to be striking this agreement with Genius Sports as one of the leading data and tech companies. “We are confident that Genius will help unlock the value of our digital assets and extend the reach of our brands across new markets. The partnership also strengthens our commitment to transparency at a time when Canadian soccer is reaching new heights on both the domestic and international stage,” López noted. 

Media and Sports Gambling Continue to Converge 

Genius Sports chief executive Mark Locke said that the convergence of data, betting, streaming and marketing brings brand new opportunities for sports in North America, as exemplified by the current partnership. “Our technology is driving this convergence, and at a time when Canada is embracing single-event sports betting, we are proud to have partnered with MEDIAPRO Canada to deliver the fan experiences of the future and grow Canadian soccer,” Locke concluded. 

Genius Sports has been fast expanding in the United States and beyond. The company received a license to operate in West Virginia’s sports gambling landscape earlier this month amid improving results for the company. 

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