May 10, 2023 2 min read


Genius Sports Enters 4-Year Deal with Chinese Taipei Football Association

The official data, technology and broadcast partner that helps media and sports companies and ecosystems provide consumers with value-added product has negotiated a new landmark partnership

As a result, Genius Sports will collaborate with the Chinese Taipei Football Association (CTFA), which is the official data rights holder for Taiwan football. The partnership will cover CTFA’s premier competitions, as well as the Taiwan Football Premier League (TFPL), Taiwan Football League 2nd division and the Taiwan Mulan Football League (TMFL). The partnership is established for a period of four years.

Genius Sports to Safeguard Integrity of CTFA Divisions and Games

Genius Sports will be an important partner for CTFA as it allows the association to leverage its data and render it into a commercial success. In return, Genius Sports will have access to even more events and leverage first-hand data to drive sports data insights and lead to better fan experiences.

Genius Sports has similarly agreed to provide the FIFA Competition Management System which is a powerful catch-all software suite that streamlines the experience for businesses and leagues and helps with anything from keeping official records to fixture generation.

Genius Sports will also bring its own signature product, Integrity Services, which is designed to significantly strengthen CTFA in its fight against match-fixing and corruption in the sport. This will help protect the integrity of all TFPL, TMFL, and 2nd Division games which will be analyzed and monitored by Genius Sports’ team of integrity analysts who are well-trained to spot fraudulent betting patterns and flag the issue when and if necessary.

Genius Sports Head of Customer Success, APAC Jagdish Singh welcomed the opportunity to see the company collaborate with the CTFA. Singh noted that the company will continue to provide its official data, streaming, and competition management and integrity solutions to achieve better performance across the board.

Our technology will be central to their strategy to drive new revenues, engage fans and protect their competition.

Genius Sports Head of Customer Success, APAC Jagdish Singh

CTFA deputy general secretary Liang-Chen Chen said that the association was very happy to enter into this collaboration with Genius Sports. It’s a big step forward in the modernization of domestic leagues and ensuring that they are showing unflagging integrity.

“With the experience of Genius Sports, we can deliver higher quality content to our fans,” Liang-Chen said.


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