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Genius Sports Continues Anti-Match-Fixing Fight in Indonesia

Genius Sports has announced a continuation of its agreement with the Basketball League in Indonesia in an attempt to crack down on match-fixing

The leading, 2001-founded sports technology company has expanded its current partnership with the Basketball League in Indonesia through a fresh program aimed at eradicating the lingering match-fixing problem in the sports industry. 

Genius Sports to Use Its Proven Bet Monitoring System 

According to the terms of the extended deal between the two parties, Genius Sports will offer its forensic data and rely on real-time odds to identify suspicious behaviors that might indicate match-fixing attempts. 

The real-time odds will be closely monitored via the company’s own Bet Monitoring System. The system is used to complete comprehensive comparisons of the way odds move in real-time across the globe. 

With the help of advanced predictive algorithms, sports leagues can rapidly identify any suspicious activity and proceed to launch complex investigations using Sports Genius’ backed data.

The same system also provides 24-hour protection by automating the monitoring procedure for billions of data points generated by hundreds of bookmakers in all parts of the planet. For the Indonesian Basketball League, this means that all of its competitions are expected to be well-safeguarded on an ongoing basis.

Ultimately, the integrity program stores all relevant data points in an intelligence database and uses it to create investigative reports. The latter can then be used to launch official investigations into competitions, officials, players, and other league representatives. 

Genius Sports recently published its robust results for Q1 2023, expressing confidence in a similarly positive trend for the upcoming months. 

Genius Sports Educating Indonesian Basketball League Coaches, Officials, and Players 

The company that is offering the same state-of-the-art integrity program in over 150 global sports leagues including the English Premier League, Professional Golfers’ Association Tour, and the National Football League has also instructed more than 300 representatives of the Basketball League in Indonesia. 

The list is composed of officials, coaches, and players. All of them have received detailed information on how to spot suspicious behavior and how to identify the repercussions and perils associated with sharing inside information with third parties. 

The league’s chief executive officer Junas Miradiarsyah called the collaboration a proactive one expressing the league’s efforts to keep protecting “the transparency and competitiveness of our competitions.”

Miradiarsyah also spoke about the critical importance of good educational and monitoring solutions for the safeguard of the league, expressing their pleasure to collaborate with Genius Sports, the “trusted integrity partner” of hundreds of big sports leagues around the world. 

Genius Sports’ head of sports and broadcast for the Asia-Pacific area Mohamed Feizel explained that sports should preserve its vigilance and remain proactive when fighting against the match-fixing issue.
Feizel also expressed gratitude and honor for Sports Genius being the Official Integrity Partner of the Indonesian Basketball League. At the start of February, next-gen iGaming technology company Huddle announced it appointed Genius Sports as its official data partner.

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