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Gaming Industry for Ukraine Seeks to Help Refugees of Russian War

Gaming Industry for Ukraine is an initiative that has been formed to respond to the unprovoked war Russia declared on its democratic neighbor. The GoFundMe campaign hosted by several gambling organizations will seek to provide refugees with up to £250,000 ($333,000) in relief funds. The funds will go directly to Choose Love, a crisis fundraiser campaign in Ukraine. Meanwhile, bet365 and Parimatch have already cut ties.

Gaming Industry Stands with Ukraine

The project will seek to get financial relief to people who have been adversely impacted by the Russian war. Close to one million people have already left the country, according to the United Nations data from Thursday.

Commenting on this initiative, a Gaming Industry for Ukraine spokesperson said that the Choose Love campaign was picked after extensive research so that the funds would go to the victims of the war in the quickest and most efficient manner. “We urge every company who can join us in this effort,” the statement read.

Choose Love’s efforts go into raising money for essential aid and services to support the million-strong people now fleeing from Ukraine. This includes the provision of food, shelter, legal support, medical care equipment, and even LGBTQUA+ community, mental health, and more.

Companies have been called to act and donate away any leftover merchandise, water bottles, clothing, power banks, towels, and other provisions that could help the refugees deal with the issue. Atlas CEO Sergei Efimenko welcomed the outpouring support for Ukrainian refugees and said that different industries have been coming to Ukraine’s humanitarian and war efforts.”

“Many of our IT developers have joined the Territory Defence, and many others are helping to build protections on the streets. Where there were nice flowers and fountains, now we build anti-tank protection and positions for machine guns.”

Atlas CEO Sergei Efimenko

Ukrainian IT Sector Fighting Tanks While Coding Projects

Efimenko argues that while the company is building up the bulwarks against the Russian aggressors, it’s also fulfilling its obligations and working on customer projects whenever WiFi may be caught and often from bomb shelters and the underground.

As the unprovoked aggression in Ukraine continues, Russia’s military efforts continue to result in the wanton death of soldiers and civilians. The funding efforts have resulted in £152,257 ($202,000) raised at the time of reporting. If you wish to donate, just follow this link.

You may also assist Ukraine by opting out of business relationships with Russian entities and companies and spreading the word, attending anti-war rallies, and raising awareness for the war.


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