April 21, 2023 2 min read


Gaming Corps Introduces Inaugural Slot, Mines Combo Game

The new game combines the mechanics of both popular games, bringing the Mine and Slot genre together in an interesting mix

The company has introduced Raging Zeus Mines, where players will have to smash through enemy shields to reveal various ancient treasures behind. These treasures may bring players great fortune, but then again – you may end up empty-handed if you reveal a snake symbol instead.

Snakes and Coins, You Get to Choose How Many of Each

Gaming Corps has experimented aptly with the concept of slot and mines games and applied it to an already established game in the company’s library. Raging Zeus slot was originally released in the first quarter of the year, and it has now been upgraded to feature the Mines mechanic that adds a brand new layer of fun to the game and offers players new chances to collect coins and win prizes.

Players will have a lot of control over how they want to experience the game, with users in charge of actual volatility levels, for example. The Slot-and-Mine game is branded as an instant win game, and it comes with a grid of 25 tiles across. The tiles will reveal coin or snake symbols, and the more coins you get, the more you win.

If a snake appears, though, the progress is set written off, and all your good fortune so far is lost. Players can choose how many snakes there are to be on the board for a chance to win more – or less. The more snakes there are, the higher the potential yield from a game of Raging Zeus Mines would be.

Commenting on this new opportunity, Gaming Corps Head of Games Connor Blinman said that the company was happy to continue delivering outstanding content which has been the developer’s focus over the past games, focusing on differentiating its product portfolio and offering.

“As a proof point on the cross-sell potential, Raging Zeus Mines has been performing exceptionally well since launch. This is just the start of our combination rollouts, with many more to come,” Blinman concluded.


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