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Gambling Related Harm APPG Launches an Inquiry into the White Paper

The Gambling Related Harm APPG will continue to scrutinize areas of potential harm, even those overlooked by the white paper

The Gambling Related Harm All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) has unveiled an inquiry into the UK’s white paper. Its goal is to see if the government has the right ideas and ability to implement the measures in a timely manner.

As announced by the group, the inquiry seeks to assess and analyze the white paper measures and set out recommendations for the government. In addition, the APPG seeks to hold the government accountable for the timely implementation of the reforms. Finally, the inquiry seeks to ensure that commitments to legislate “when parliamentary time allows” are prioritized and that the UKGC has the necessary powers to enforce the measures.

The Gambling Related Harm All-Party Parliamentary Group supports the idea of bringing UK regulations into the digital age. Because of that, the group praised the government’s commitments in key areas.

The APPG said that it is pleased with the call on operators to protect at-risk customers from harm and the call to protect young players from harm by banning them from using Category D machines. It also said that it approves the UKGC’s commitment to consult on mandating participation in a cross-operator harm prevention system and the proposals to talk about updating the design rules for iGaming products.

Other points that the group praised include stake limits, mandatory deposit limits, a review of bonuses and free bets and the introduction of a mandatory levy. The group also approves the idea of providing the UKGC with more powers and introducing an independent ombudsman.

The APPG concluded that more can be done on advertising to protect vulnerable audiences and young people.

There Is a Lot More to Do

The organization’s chairman, Carolyn Harris MP, said that her team welcomes many of the proposals and praised the government for its efforts. However, she added that there is a lot more to be done.

The APPG will now seek to inform the Government with further evidence and analysis during the important consultation phase, and ensure that measures and commitments made, that will help save lives, are implemented as a priority.

Carolyn Harris MP, chair, Gambling Related Harm All-Party Parliamentary Group

The APPG added that it would welcome evidence on certain points, such as the optimal stake limit for online slots, proposals on the organization of the statutory levy and the operation of affordability checks. In addition, the APPG is interested in hearing more about the optimal system for data sharing and what steps can be taken to protect young people from advertising. Finally, the organization would like to hear more about how the ombudsman should be operated.

The APPG will accept evidence and submission by July 11. In the meantime, it will continue to scrutinize areas of potential harm, even those overlooked by the white paper.

The APPG concluded its announcement by reiterating the priorities voted by its members. These include effective affordability checks, an “enforceable duty of care” that mitigates harm, speed of play and stake limits for iGaming, a regulation of loot boxes in video games and a reform of VIP schemes.

In addition, APPG’s members advocate for testing for harm and classification of new gambling products, as well as for the introduction of a statutory levy to fund gambling research, education and treatment.

Finally, the organization hopes that the UK will introduce a ban on direct marketing and sports sponsorships, will introduce an NHS-led treatment system for problem gamblers and create an independent ombudsman to redress wrongs.


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