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Gambling Reform in Australia May Be Impacted by UK’s White Paper

With changes ahead for the regulated gambling market in the UK, researchers discuss how the White Paper can impact the overhaul of the regulation in Australia

After much delay and anticipation, the White Paper of the Gambling Act review in the UK was published late last month. The White Paper proposes significant changes to the gambling market in the country, ensuring that its laws are fit for the digital age. Essentially, it calls to build upon the Gambling Act 2005 but seeks to ensure the protection of users and implement strategic guidelines and restrictions for online gambling operators.

Now, in light of the upcoming changes to the market in the UK, researchers suggest that other markets may be impacted as well. Professor Sally Gainsbury of the University of Sydney and director of the Gambling Treatment and Research Clinic explained that the whole world sees that the market in the UK will change.

Similar to the UK, Australia is also seeking to improve its regulations related to gambling. According to the professor, the changes in the UK can have an impact on the future of the gambling market in Australia. Gainsbury did not explain to what extent the changes can impact the Australian market, but further discussion on the topic is expected later this week. It is likely that Australia can implement similar changes to the ones proposed in the UK, yet, it all remains in the hands of lawmakers.

There are a lot of people around the world watching what happens in the UK. Australian gambling regulation is currently being reviewed and the changes in the UK are likely to impact future Australian gambling reforms.

Professor Sally Gainsbury

Discussions on the Topic Continue

Recently, Professor Gainsbury along with Assistant Professor Kahlil Philander from Washington State University discussed the topic in a webinar with Tim Miller, UK Gambling Commission’s executive director for research and policy, as well as its director, Ben Haden. At the time, Haden noted: “We are going through a testing phase to move to a new methodology for what we’ll call the Gambling Survey for Great Britain.” According to him, this data will help the country better understand consumer behavior and gambling harm.

Miller added that the White Paper suggests many changes to the regulated gambling market in the country. He explained that while the specific changes seek to match the market in the UK and consider the views of consumers and stakeholders, they may be applied to other jurisdictions as well.

Discussions on the topic are set to continue this Thursday. Gainsbury, Philander, as well as Miller and Haden, are set to speak once again on the topic this week. They will discuss different aspects of the proposed changes within the White Paper and how evidence can help in the process that seeks to overhaul the gambling market.


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